Kolinsky nail art brush 1010 #0

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Kolinsky nail art brushes are iconic tools for creating decorations with paints and gels, including watercolor ornaments. These high-quality brushes are made of specially selected bristles of a Siberian weasel called Kolinsky weasel. The combination of delicacy and strength of the material provide the brush with unique features – softness, resilience and excellent precision.


In Silcare offer, you can find brushes from the 1010 series in four different sizes:


  • 00
  • 0
  • 1
  • 5


Each brush has a round shape sharpened at the end. The handles are made of lacquered wood and the ferrule is made of chromium-plated copper with a decent double crimp, so you can be sure that the bristles will not start to fall out with time. Each brush is sold wrapped in plastic foil and secured with a protective tube (protects the bristle from deformation).