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The Garden of Colour Hybrid Gel

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Hybrid gel from The Garden of Colour line - is an innovative combination of UV gel and nail polish. This is a spectacular solution not only because of technological reasons but also of aesthetic ones. We are all aware that hands are every woman’s pride. Now your nails will be beautiful for longer thanks to the palette of 26 colors. The color of the hybrid gel from The Garden of Colour line will amaze everyone with its intensity, freshness and shine during the entire period of being worn.

The hybrid system is a chemical and technological invention patented by an American company. The Garden of Colour hybrids are created with the use of advanced techniques, such as HPLC (specific technique used to purify and identify chemical compounds), spectrophotometry, GC/FID (gas chromatography) and GC/MS (mass spectrometry), which guarantee a precise chemical composition. Thanks to this, a unique product characterized by high quality and safety was created.

The structure of the Hybrid Gel is thin. It has a self-leveling property and perfect adhesion. It’s characterized by color stability, fast curing and less irritating scent. In order to remove the hybrid gel, nails need to be soaked in acetone.


  • thin
  • self-leveling
  • perfect adhesion
  • low level of irritating scent
  • quickly cured
  • cured under UV and LED lamp
  • high quality
  • chemically safe
  • durable

WAY OF USE: can be cured under UV lamps and high quality LED lamps (Hybrid Top The Garden of Colour gel was tested with the use of Silcare LED lamps)

The dimensions of the cardboard box 9 g

width 30 mm
height 68 mm
depth. 30 mm

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