Hair silk QUIN + vitamins 200 ml

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ACTION: Changes skin tone, Deeply nourishes, Moisturizes, Protects, Smooths

Hair silk + vitamins is a great cosmetic for hair care and stylization. It helps hydrate and smooth hair structure. The hair silk + vitamins makes hair very soft and glossy. Due its chemical composition, it protects hair against moisture loss, influence of long time use of hair styling cosmetics or high temperature and environment, additionally it doesn’t weight hair. Silk facilitates modelling hair. It doesn’t make hair static, but look soft and glowing. Additionally, it helps effectively fight with split hair ends.

The gentle mist with silk and vitamins protects hairdo against high temperature from e.g. hair dryer, curling iron or hair straightener. As result hair is easier to comb, stay straight longer and are nice to the touch. Due to content of silk proteins, panthenol, calcium panthotenate and vitamins: A, E,B8 and H, hair silk + vitamins gives hair beautiful gloss, makes it smooth and perfectly moisturized.


  • hydrates
  • smoothes and thickens hair
  • makes hair glow and facilitates combing out
  • prevents split ends and static hair
  • nourishes

Way of use: Shake the product gently before use. Spray onto wet or slightly dried hair, over its entire length and on hair ends. Do not rinse!