Pure Line Gel UV Sugar Effect 10 g

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UV CURING TIME: 36 W / 2 min
COVERAGE: covering
THICKNESS: medium thick

SPECIAL OFFER! Combine Pure Line Sugar Effect gel with The Garden of Colour acrylics and see how a perfect duo looks like. Gel and five acrylics will allow you to obtain an endless, amazing, three-dimensional stylizations!

Pure Line Sugar Effect is a perfectly white gel for nail decorating, which in combination with a colorful acrylic or fine glitter imitates a sugar coating. Your nails and hands will look spectacular. The gel guarantees a unique 3D effect and a high comfort of work. You can use it to create expressive designs or small details with great precision.


  • great covering properties
  • perfectly white
  • does not have a sticky dispersion layer
  • three-phase

WAY OF USE: Apply the gel on a properly prepared and covered with a top coat nail plate using a thin nail decorating brush. Create a design and sprinkle it with a colorful acrylic. Cure it under a UV lamp for 3 minutes, or under a LED lamp for 30 seconds.
NOTE: The packaging has been designed to provide an easy application. Less volume of the gel in relation to the size of the jar is consistent with the objective. 

The Garden of Colour  colorful acrylic powder is s series of modern acrylics for permanent nail art. Perfect for full modeling, corrections and replenishment. They do not contain harmful substances like MMA and liquid monomers. Acrylics from The Garden of Colour line are easy to apply, they do not flow off from the nail plate. All colors retain their hue after mixing with a liquid and after curing. Designed for both advanced users and beginners.


  • great adhesion
  • very efficient
  • easy application