BIG CAPACITY Lavender Foot Salt Nappa 1250 g

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  • Manufacturer: Silcare®
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Free your feet from fatigue! Cosmetic salt for foot care Nappa contains active ingredients to stimulate their innervation. Carefully nurtures and soothes.
With a pleasant lavender scent.

With antibacterial and antifungal properties it prevents the negative effects of excessive sweating. Frequent use of salt prevents the formation of micro-organisms, such as ringworm. Softeners will allow you for painless and easy removal of keratinized skin, and moisturizing and hydrating substances make the skin on your feet smooth and elastic.

Salt Nappa used for soaking and bathing the feet - especially in cases of fatigue and excessive sweating. It softens the skin without drying it, refreshes, stimulates the feet nerves and blood circulation.

HOW TO USE: dissolve two to four tablespoons of salt in four liters of water. After twenty minutes, your feet should feel relieved. For the first two weeks use salt every day, then you can use it every few days.

NOTE: The salt can not be used to bathe the entire body.