Flexy Top Coat *She's Gold 4,5 g

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TYPE: tops, decoration
LED CURING: 36 W / 60 sec
UV/LED CURING: 36 W / 60 sec
COVERAGE: transparent

They say that you are living gold, simply a woman without any flaws. You spread a shiny aura of perfection around yourself, and at the same time, you wear your heart on your sleeve. Everyone you meet sees you as an irreplaceable treasure. Express your precious nature with an unique nail art finished with subtly shimmering golden particles.

Flexy She’s Gold UV-LED & LED Top Coat is a transparent formula with shimmering golden particles, which not only adds gloss and secures a nail art but also adds a subtle effect of glamour to every manicure.


  • flexible (thanks to application of specially selected oligomers)
  • perfect adhesion (through hydrogen bonds)
  • ideal for LED and UV-LED lamps (high quantum efficiency)
  • cured seamlessly (thanks to effective photoinitiators)
  • transparent with golden particles

Directions for use: Apply thin layer of the product to the nail covered with cured color gel polish or gel, then cure under UV-LED or LED lamp with power of 36 W for 60 s. Wipe off the inhibition layer with a cleaner.