Flexy Hybrid Gel Set - X-MAS (4 x 4.5 g)

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The world around us is slowly undergoing change – it puts a festive robe on, woven from flickering lights, intense colors and sweet spicy aromas. This makes each of us awaken an inner child, who is looking forward to this extraordinary day and dreamlike gifts, hidden under the fragrant Christmas tree.

And a certain, smiling, little elf had cared not to forget about the bigger kids and the adults who are still cherishing their inner child. He had prepared for you a gift filled with magic that will add more glamour to your holidays!

The limited edition of Flexy Merry X-mas! was created to give this extraordinary time even greater shine. Three Flexy Hybrid Gels in vivid red, deep fir green and warm golden beige shades delight not only with intense pigmentation but also with thousands of shiny particles sunk in them, which give elegance and festivity to any nail stylization. Together with Base & Top 2in1 Hybrid Gel they create a unique set that will make every manicure lover happy.

Features of Flexy Hybrid Gels:


  • flexibility (thanks to the use of specially selected oligomers),
  • intensive pigmentation (a solid dose of energetic colors),
  • perfect adhesion (it combines with the base coat through hydrogen bonds),
  • ideal for LED and UV-LED lamps (high quantum efficiency),
  • effortless curing (thanks to the use of effective photoinitiators).


Features of Base & Top 2in1 Hybrid Gel:

  • resistant to yellowing, scratches and abrasion,
  • high and long-lasting gloss,
  • perfect adhesion,
  • soaks off in acetone easily,
  • has dispersion/inhibition layer,
  • compatible with other products from Silcare.

Directions for use: Shake packaging a few times before use.

  1. On cured layer of Base & Top 2in1 Hybrid Gel, apply 1-2 thin layers of Flexy Hybrid Gel and cure under UV-LED lamp or LED lamp for 60 seconds. Do not wipe with a cleaner. Requires application of an appropriate top coat.
  2. Apply the last, thin layer of Base & Top 2in1 Hybrid Gel.
  3. Wipe off the inhibition layer after curing.