Exellent Easy Vanish Sealer Hybrid Gel Top 15 g

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Silcare Exellent Easy Vanish Sealer

Exellent Easy Vanish Sealer Hybrid Gel Top 15 g

Silcare Flexy Hybrid Gel *228 4.5 g

Flexy Hybrid Gel - ALL COLORS 2021 4,5 g


TYPE: tops
UV CURING TIME: 36 W / 2 min
COVERAGE: transparent

Exellent Easy Vanish Sealer is a new formula of a well known product. It can be easily removed with acetone. It is recommended for Exellent Easy Vanish line, it allows to avoid problems with chipping or peeling of a glossy layer.


  • Makes nails shine beautifully
  • Protects a nail plate
  • Single-phase
  • Can be also cured in LED lamp

WAY OF USE: on the clean nail surface, apply a thin layer of the product using a brush. Cure in an UV lamp 36W for 2 minutes. Wipe with Cleaner.


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