Dry Nail Oil 24K Millionails 15 ml

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ACTION: Changes skin tone, Improves condition, Moisturizes, Protects, Smooths, Softens

24K Millionnails Dry Nail Oil makes hands smooth and well-cared-for, plus it restores the skin’s proper moisture level and softness. Vitamin E and a complex of 4 oils (grapeseed, peach kernel, soybean and argan) not only protect the skin against excessive dryness but also regenerate the weak nail plate, and thus help to grow long, healthy and shiny nails.

An addition of 24-karat gold in 24K Millionnails Dry Nail Oil adds radiance to the hands and helps to both preserve their youthful appearance and maintain them in good condition. The element penetrates deep into the nail’s structure, strengthening and regenerating the plate from the inside. The nail oil absorbs quickly and does not leave an oily layer.


  • based on natural plant oils
  • protects, moisturizes and smooths the skin
  • regenerates the nail plate, helping to grow long and healthy nails
  • an addition of 24-karat gold adds radiance to the hands, stimulates collagen production and delays aging processes
  • it quickly absorbs and does not leave an oily layer


Directions for use: Massage 24K Millionnails Dry Nail Oil into clean, dry nail folds and nail plate.