Drill Machine DM-13

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Silcare DM-13 Drill Machine is a professional device thanks to which you can quickly and effectively get rid of cuticles and hard skin, as well as easily remove gel or hybrid gel from the surface of the nail plate. The handy small size makes the drill machine fit easily in any cosmetic case or bag. We recommend it not only to beginners, but also to more experienced nail stylists.

The device comes with a set of 6 universal drill bits thanks to which you will do any manicure and pedicure.

Technical parameters:

  • Maximum power consumption: 18 W;
  • Rated power input: 220 V 50-60 Hz;
  • Rated power output: 12 V DC;
  • Maximum speed: up to 20000 RPM;
  • Adjustable speed range: 3000 – 20000 RPM;
  • Drill bit types: 2.4 or 3.2 mm;
  • Adjustment range of shank: 0.3-3.2 mm;
  • Dimensions: 160 mm x 24 mm.


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