Ceramic Nail Drill Bit

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Ceramic Nail Drill Bit C – precise acceleration of your work.

Professional Ceramic Nail Drill Bit C for nail and cuticle care and removal. This tool is made of high-quality material, which provides comfortable, safe use and easy cleaning, sterilization and disinfection. The cone-shaped drill bit allows to precisely smooth the thick skin, calluses and hard cuticles, as well as buff the nail plate. Removing a gel polish, acrylic or gel manicure or pedicure with the use of hard Ceramic Nail Drill Bit C with a medium grit is easy, fast and problem-free. The bit does not heat up or cause wobbling during use, what is more, it is safe for people with metal allergy. The product is suitable for water spray and dry technique.

Ceramic Nail Drill Bit C will let you precisely prepare the nail folds and cuticles, clean the space under the free edge and smooth the skin around the nails. Furthermore, it allows to quickly remove gel polishgel or acrylic mass, as well as shape artificial nails or shorten their length.


  • grit: medium
  • diameter: 6 mm
  • length: 14 mm
  • shape: cone
  • material: zirconium oxide
  • long service life
  • does not heat up or wobble
  • safe for people with metal allergy
  • fits most nail drill machines
  • can be sterilized in an autoclave