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What nail brushes to start with? Which to choose and how to use them?

What nail brushes to start with? Which to choose and how to use them?



Nail art brushes are essential accessories found in the case of every professional nail stylist who wants to fulfill her clients' dreams of beautiful, flawless manicures like those on Pinterest. These tools are incredibly functional and exceptionally versatile. Having a properly assembled set of brushes in your salon, you can be sure that your work will be aesthetic and perfect in every detail. They are simply a must-have for all professionals!

You can use them in many ways, but… you need to know how! Which nail art brush to choose for a specific need? How many do you need? Read on, and we will explain everything.



Nail painting brushes – what is important when choosing them?

What to pay attention to when assembling your perfect set of manicure brushes? First, the bristles. In cosmetic accessories, various types of bristles are used, from natural to synthetic to mixed. Check which one suits you best. Here, individual preferences count. Secondly, focus on the handles of the brushes and how they fit in your hand. The more comfortable and better shaped, the greater comfort and faster work pace they will provide!In the salon accessories market, you'll find a huge selection of brushes in many shapes and sizes. There is no such thing as one multifunctional brush for everything. The key is having a well-thought-out set of several such accessories, each with its designated use.

nail art brushes


2-in-1 nail brushes. A practical solution for our times

Brushes that save space and time… Sounds absurd, right? With Silcare, it's possible! We present a new collection of practical and elegant double-sided nail art brushes. The quality of workmanship and design of these tools will amaze you! Nylon bristles with exceptional flexibility, which tightly protect the caps on both sides and a handle made from damage-resistant material guarantees durability and high comfort while creating any manicure style. The glamorous finish of the accessories pleases the eye and makes everyday work in the salon more enjoyable!   


What kind of nail art brushes will you find in the new Silcare collection? Which one for what?

  1. Double-sided gel brush no. 6 and nail art brush no. 9
    On one side of this tool, there is a brush no. 6 for gel, 6 mm in length and with a semi-circular shape, perfect for evenly spreading any gel product and hybrid polishes on the nail. On the other side, we have placed brush no. 9, which is great for creating drawings, patterns, or painting French manicure tips, thus for actions requiring special precision from the stylist.

    nail art brush

  2. Double-sided acrylic gel brush no. 6 and spatula
    A convenient tool offering: on one side a semi-circular brush for gel and acrylic gel (6 mm long), perfectly spreading these formulas on the nail surface; and on the other – a spatula for scooping acrylic gel directly from the package, allowing you to measure the perfect amount of product.
    nail art brush
  3. Double-sided acrylic gel “cat tongue” brush and nail art brush no. 7
    With the acrylic gel brush, placed on one side of this unique accessory, you can apply the product to nails and form a perfect, uniform layer. Using the thin nail art brush of 7 mm length, you precisely shape the acrylic gel at the cuticles and transform a boring style into something original, enchanting every decoration that imagination suggests – to you or your clients!
    nail art brush
  4. Double-sided gel brush no. 8 and nail art brush no. 11
    Two sides = two different brushes. The first – a semi-circular, 8-mm long brush used for applying and forming gels or hybrid polishes on nails. The second is a very thin brush 11 mm long, which allows you to execute all kinds of decorations, patterns, and drawings requiring exceptional accuracy and perfect lines.

nail art brush


By equipping your salon with such a thoughtfully designed, multitasking set of brushes, you can be sure that you will create true works of art on your clients' nails! They will gain a beautiful, flawless manicure, and you – convenience and saved time. A perfect arrangement!


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