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Weak Nail Plate – How to Regenerate It

Weak Nail Plate – How to Regenerate It

There is a lot of challenges awaiting our hands. Variable weather conditions that make the skin and cuticles dry, disinfectants that have no mercy for neither our hands nor nails, and something that most of us do to ourselves… Yes, we are talking about removing manicure at home. Removing gel polish or filing gel nails off are activities that require experience, and thus we normally leave it to professionals. However, while waiting for nail saloons to open, many of us decided (mostly in desperation) to deal with the problem personally. And this is when mistakes happen!

Over filed and weak nail plate not only hurts while touched but also splits and breaks. But it can be remedied – proper nail care and appropriate products that support the regeneration process are all what you’ll need. Home remedies (e.g., rubbing coconut oil into the plate) or store-bought nail rub-in products and conditioners contain necessary vitamins that help to nourish, rebuild and strengthen the plate.

In Silcare offer, you’ll find many products that will help your nails, regardless of their condition. Here are a few that we recommend for their excellent action:

  • Complete Repair – regenerating nail conditioner for very brittle nails. It contains argan and sunflower seed oils, sea minerals, extracts of brown seaweed (ascophyllum nodosum), ginkgo biloba, red seaweed (corallina officinalis), olive leaves, as well as, vitamins B5 and E. Moreover, the product’s milky color helps to cover imperfections and discolorations.
  • Calcium Care – nourishing nail conditioner for natural and problematic nails. Thanks to condensed amount of calcium, it supports strengthening of the nail structure. The product is perfect for brittle, soft nails deprived of vitamins.
  • Green Spa – rub-in product in the form of green gel with vitamin particles. It contains extracts of seaweed, nettle and baobab, as well as, vitamins A, E, C. The product prevents nail splitting and dry cuticles.
  • Soft Touch – cuticle butter that makes hands look healthy and beautiful. The product prevents dry cuticles by softening and oiling them, as well as, protects them against external factors (weather, detergents). The pleasant, mild, milky fragrance perfectly complements the cuticle butter’s invaluable properties.
  • The Garden of Colour – scented nail and cuticle oil with a high content of nutrients: proteins, mineral salts, vitamins A, E, D, as well as, B-group vitamins. Peach kernel oil present in the product’s formulation strengthens and hardens the nail plate, preventing it from splitting and breaking. The oil absorbs quickly and deeply moisturizes.
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