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Take care of your foot skin in 3 steps. Effect? Healthy, beautiful feet in summer!

Take care of your foot skin in 3 steps. Effect? Healthy, beautiful feet in summer!

The spring and summer season is a time when each of us takes care of our feet more carefully and conscientiously than in autumn and winter. We want to be 100% prepared so that we can happily wear our favorite sandals or flip-flops with our holiday outfits and enjoy healthy, beautiful skin.
Foot care raises many doubts and concerns. We don't always know how to go about it, what cosmetics are essential, and what products we can skip so as not to be disappointed or, even worse, not to make the situation worse.
We have created a complete guide in which you will find all the valuable tips. Just 5 steps and you will soon be able to celebrate your holiday time with perfectly smooth, velvety soft and well-groomed feet!



Skin on feet – what problems can there be?

Our feet are exposed to discomfort, many problems and ailments. When colder days come, we do not give them a chance to breathe by wearing thick, tight socks or tights and covered, massive shoes. And suddenly, when the spring and summer period begins, we lose sleep over the issue of their condition. We do not know how to quickly and effectively bring the skin to a satisfactory condition.

What are the most common foot skin problems? First of all, their dryness, calluses and cracking of the epidermis. Wearing boots, we are also exposed to excessive sweating of our skin, and therefore to all kinds of fungi and bacteria that multiply in a humid, warm environment.

Uncomfortable footwear also affects the condition of the skin on your feet. Many of us then struggle with problems such as abrasions, calluses and painful corns.

Athlete's foot is one of the most common ailments affecting the skin of the feet. It can occur both in winter and summer. In hot weather, feet tend to produce too much sweat. A moist substrate combined with warmth is an ideal environment for fungi to grow. 

If you suspect you have a fungal infection, you should of course go to a dermatologist, but home foot care is also very important and can really work wonders in many cases!


The most common mistakes in foot care

Before we move on to the guide in the form of 5 steps to well-groomed, perfect feet, let's pay attention to the mistakes we can make in home care of this extremely demanding skin. The most common of them is certainly the lack of regularity. Many of them neglect this part of home care all year round and only try to make up for the shortcomings in the summer, and sometimes it is simply too late.

Another common mistake regarding skin care is inappropriate moisturizing of the skin or excessive exfoliation. Just like when taking care of any other part of the body, e.g. hands or face, balance is also the most important thing here!The key is properly selected foot care cosmetics - perfectly tailored to our specific needs and problems. Create a personalized set of professional products for home use and your worries will be forgotten...


5 steps to have beautiful and healthy feet for the summer

  1. Take care of your daily hygiene carefully.
    Daily, thorough cleansing of the skin of the feet is the first step towards effective care. We should take particular care of the hygiene of this area when we struggle with excessive sweating. However, caring for hygiene is not only about daily cleansing during bathing or showering. It is worth purchasing a special salt for soaking your feet or a gel with the same effect.

    Do you want to unwind, relax and soothe your senses? Reach for Nappa Soft Comfort foot soak salt lavender relaxation! This is a cosmetic that will help fight the problem of painful, tired feet. It fights excessive sweating, softens stubborn epidermis and stimulates blood circulation. Such a bath is a real pleasure, almost a ritual in the rush of everyday life!Or maybe in the summer you care more about the refreshing effect? We have something for you – Nappa Hydro Comfort foot soak gel refreshing sage is a gentle cleansing, but also the beginning of effective foot care at your home! The precisely developed composition of the cosmetic is focused primarily on achieving the optimal level of hydration and protection. Sage oil soothes, and lanolin provides a lasting protective film

  2. Cleanse your skin regularly with peeling.
    Exfoliating your feet once or twice a week is an essential step to gradually transform that hard, problematic skin into velvety soft and fabulously smooth. A home or salon pedicure without an opening in the form of a scrub is completely pointless! Subsequent care cannot be absorbed properly and therefore cannot work as expected. Nappa Energy Comfort sugar exfoliation foot scrub is, apart from very thorough cleansing, a complex of natural oils and essences. It provides feet with a huge dose of hydration, regenerates, smoothes and rejuvenates. Feet ready for summer? Only with high-quality scrub! Starring: peach oil, urea, sugar, castor oil and avocado.

    grafika przedstawiająca peelingi do stóp

  3. Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize!
    Without conscientious, intensive moisturizing, our feet will not achieve the desired condition and appearance that we strive for before the holidays! This is an iron rule of caring for this problematic skin – moisturize your feet every day.
    The perfect foot cream contains natural active substances with many different effects. In the foreground, of course, is the hydration and lubrication of the skin. One of the top ingredients that constitute the basis of the most popular foot creams is urea. Its comprehensive properties allow the skin to achieve a constant level of hydration, without hardness and calluses. Lanolin and glycerin also do a great job in such cosmetics. They lubricate, cover the skin with a protective layer, soften and smooth it. All you need are precious plant oils and the recipe for the perfect cream is ready! This is exactly what our Nappa Hydro Comfort moisturizing foot cream with 5% urea is.

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Ready for your dream vacation? Are you going on an exciting city break to the European capital or a trip to the palm trees, focused on relaxation and sea bathing? Or maybe you prefer mountain hiking in the morning, in the glow of the summer sun? 
Regardless of what your desired vacation looks like and what your plans are for the coming months, well-groomed feet are essential. They will add charm, self-confidence and provide comfort so that you can enjoy your holidays to the fullest!

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