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#summerwithsilcare – Makeup vs. Heat – 5 Useful Tricks

#summerwithsilcare – Makeup vs. Heat – 5 Useful Tricks

Hot, sunny weather, high humidity levels and skin-drying air conditioners are the integral elements of summer months. Despite the heat, we do not want to give up on looking beautiful. However, keeping a makeup to look neat in such conditions can be a real challenge. Most probably, each one of us knows the problem when, due to the heat, the makeup foundation curdles, or when our mascara smudges under the eyes and creates an effect of “panda eyes”, or when we want to wipe off the sweat from our forehead and our eyebrows smear off. Can we do something about this? Is there a way to make our makeup last a whole day and to make it look good in any weather? Below we present 5 tricks how to achieve this!

Remember to moisturize

We often think that the best way to keep our skin less shiny is to apply mattifying face products – starting from a face cream, through makeup foundation, and ending with a face powder. Nothing could be further from the truth. When it comes to oily/combination skin (and any other skin type), the basis of its care should be hydration. The more we make our skin dry, the more sebum it produces in order to protect itself. Therefore, a well-balanced and appropriately moisturized skin will be less oily, and the applied on it mattifying face products will not enhance the flaky skin. During hot days, light, moisturizing face creams or gels, or sheet masks are a great solution, because thanks to them our face will regain its smoothness and healthy color.

We don’t fall behind! In our offer you can find sheet masks that fit snugly to the face, which supports the penetration of ingredients deep into the skin. Moreover, they are available in a set of seven pieces neatly hidden in a cute and handy, metal, purse-shaped box. The sheet masks are designed for all skin types and are available in four versions:

  • Giraffe brightening-moisturizing: revitalizes, nourishes and moisturizes the face; evens skin tone, smoothes and softens the face; cleanses and beautifies the skin; reduces discolorations.
  • Crocodilesmoothing-firming: firms, smoothes, brightens and beautifies the skin; improves skin tone, rejuvenates tired skin.
  • Flamingofirming-moisturizing: reduces the feeling of tightness of dry skin; adds energy; smoothes, moisturizes and nourishes.
  • Catcolorless moisturizing: it gradually rejuvenates tired skin; evens skin tone, adds energy and shine; reduces discolorations caused by sun exposure; brightens and smoothes.

Less means more

This old rule also applies to summer makeup. A too thick layer of foundation can clog the pores and curdle in them, whereas a too thickly applied mattifying powder will not only make our skin very dry but also create an unaesthetic effect of cake face. High temperatures do not mean that we have to give up on heavy, full-coverage face cosmetics, but it’s better to apply them much less and in thin layers. It should be remembered that it is better to pat in BB foundations and creams with a special makeup sponge (like this one available in our web store and retail stores), because it perfectly blends the product with the skin. And when it comes to powders, we recommend applying them in small amounts with a thick powder puff – thanks to this the product will nicely blend with the skin and visually smooth out the enlarged pores.

Problematic face zones

There is a certain problem that we always encounter during summertime – despite proper care and appropriately applied cosmetics, there are areas on our face to which a foundation does not want to stick to. We are talking about the chin, wings of nose, nasolabial folds, or the areas where the nose pads of our sunglasses rest. The easiest way to deal with it is to, first of all, apply a small amount of the product to these areas, and second, apply it on the most sticky foundation – for example, the one designed for glitter. Thanks to this, the foundation or concealer will not curdle and ball up; furthermore, their durability will be greatly extended.

Take care of your lips

Summer is not only associated with heat and strong sun but also work/study in air-conditioned rooms. It’s widely known that air conditioners strongly dry out the skin and the mucous membrane lining the respiratory tract. Therefore, if we are spending a whole day near an A/C, then we should remember about appropriate hydration of our skin, eyes and lips (especially if we like matte lipsticks). If we don’t want our lipstick to enhance the flaky skin on our lips and accumulate in the corners of our mouth, then we should perform a lip scrub, which will effectively smooth out our lips and prepare them even for the most long-lasting makeup. Our lip scrubs from Quin Face Sweet & Natural series (in two versions – orange and blueberry) contain natural abrasive particles (sugar crystals), and help the lips to regain their healthy color as well as proper level of moisturization and nutrition.


Waterproofness is an important feature of cosmetics and it is worth to take it into consideration while assembling our summer cosmetic bag. That’s right, we are talking about mascara, which smudges because of the heat and creates an effect of “panda eyes”, and not only. Also, it’s worth to equip ourselves with waterproof cosmetics when it comes to eyebrow makeup, because it smears off when we want to wipe off the sweat from our forehead on a hot day. The best solution is to use an eyebrow pomade, which provides greater durability than a pencil or a shadow – they can even last for a whole day.

We hope that you’ll find the above methods useful in the upcoming weeks and that even the most extreme temperatures will not ruin your dazzling summer makeup!



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