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Nail gel with the WOW effect. Classic, fashionable wedding nails

Nail gel with the WOW effect. Classic, fashionable wedding nails

Kobieta przygotowująca się do ślubu mająca na ręku pierścionek zaręczynowy 

On their wedding day, brides want to become the best and most beautiful versions of themselves. Image preparations last for many months, including not only the selection of a dress, shoes, accessories or bouquet, but also attention to the smallest details of makeup, hairstyle and nails. For such important, special occasions as a wedding or reception, classic, feminine elegance is simply perfect. It does not fade away, like seasonal trends, giving brides unshakable self-confidence and bringing out the beauty of each of them.We associate classic wedding nails with subtle shades of beige and delicate pinks. A shiny or sun-shimmering styling finish will give your hands a spectacular look. Thanks to one great product, this manicure will be easier than you expect... Get to know acrylic nail gel.



What shape of nails should I choose for my wedding?

Choosing the perfectly matched shape of wedding nails is the first step in creating your nail art for this special day. There are several criteria that should be followed in this matter so that the manicure becomes a perfect complement to the bride's image, raising it to a higher level of style and elegance, but not overshadowing the entire outfit. Usually, we choose the shape of nails to achieve longer, slimmer hands with correct proportions, also taking into account the style and character of a specific person.

  • "Almonds" are approved by many brides due to their classic, yet subtle appearance. They give wedding stylings a romantic, girlish character.
  • Square nails match most brides' styles, are easy to maintain and can be done really quickly.
  • The pointed shape will perfectly complement slightly bolder wedding outfits, while giving them a modern, non-obvious character.
  • “Ballerina” nails are perfect for women who prefer long nails in an elegant style, but with a hint of extravagance.


Dwa przykłady kształtu paznokci pokazanych na stylizacjach wykonanych przez Ewę Wiechowską 


What is needed to extend nails with acrylic gel? How to extend your nails to achieve a beautiful wedding effect?

What is acrylic gel? It is, as the name suggests, a combination of two products - acrylic and gel in one refined, innovative formula. If you are attracted to gels by their flexibility, and you value acrylic for its exceptional durability, acrylic gel may be your perfect solution! Complete your acrylic manicure set and start creating nail styles with pleasure!

 What is needed to extend nails with acrylic gel? You need to buy a few necessary products and accessories wooden sticks, primer, base, brush, cleaner, dust-free cotton swabs, 100/180 grit file and extension forms.

How to do it? It's really simple! After preparing your nails - giving them appropriate shapes, preparing cuticles, choose the perfect sizes of forms that fit your nail plates. Using a spatula, squeeze the appropriate amount of acrylic gel from the tube. Spread it evenly on each nail using a brush moistened with cleaner. Cure in a UV/LED lamp. If you have a 48W one, 90 seconds will be enough. Now all you need to do is gently remove the forms and refine the styling, using e.g. a file or a milling machine.


Acrylic gel for nail extension - the latest, trendy Polygels’ colors

The wonderful flexibility of gel and the incredible durability of acrylic combined into one? And in delicate, classic shades that suit every self-confident woman? Polygel is a product that ensures extremely fast and very simple building of nails. The ease of work results in particular from the thick consistency of the acrylic gel - hard, but flexible and pleasant at the same time. Just activate the mass with a liquid (cleaner) and that's it! You have the perfect shape of your nails that you have just dreamed of...

Thanks to Polygel, even weak, brittle and susceptible to damage nails receive perfect conditions for the styling itself and the entire hands to look flawless for many weeks!What shades are high in trends for the 2024 wedding season?

Classic pinks and beiges in intriguing but universal shades, with shiny or sparkling glitter finishes.


Stylizacje paznokci ślubnych wykonanych przez Anetę Trościanko oraz Katarzynę Tkocz  

  • Milky Pink is a milky, creamy shade of pink. It exudes elegance and girlishness, and looks perfect on nails alone or with decorations or a French finish.
  • Pink Diamond is a proposition for girls who want a specific pink shine on their nails. Glitter in a classic and characterful version.
  • Sugar Pink Sparkle is a charming pink that shimmers in the sun and spotlights. Fans of subtlety and airy outfits will love it.
  • Candy Peach Sparkle is a peach version of Polygel, also with particles. It suits virtually every skin tone. It is universal and girly at the same time.


Immerse yourself in new Polygeli color versions and choose your favorite! Use it for a wedding to show off your best side, but not to overshadow other elements of this unique look with your nails. Reach for acrylic gels every day, because wouldn't you want to have beautiful, well-groomed hands and an elegant, stunning manicure literally every day?