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#imstayingathome – How to Take Care of Mental Hygiene During Self-Isolation

#imstayingathome – How to Take Care of Mental Hygiene During Self-Isolation

A long-lasting isolation, regardless of whatever reason, is a major challenge to our mental health. Humans are social beings by nature, which means that even the biggest introverts require contact with other people, not to mention how important to us is being outdoors, breaking the routine and getting some fresh air.

Unfortunately, the current situation greatly deprives us of opportunities to tighten social ties and to spend time in the open air. However, this doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take care of our mental hygiene. Here are 7 easy ways to improve your well-being and soothe your nerves:


  1. Don’t stop planning your days!

Creating a list of tasks and planning a schedule for each day of the week will help you stay productive and have time under control. People working remotely from home have it easier to organize their work week, but what about others? Even if you’re forced to self-isolate yourself, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t set your alarm clock to a specific time or plan some activities for every day. These activities don’t have to be associated with work – it can be completing reading a book, trying out a new recipe, dyeing your hair – anything that will capture your attention and make you occupied. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should walk around all day wearing only your pajamas while doing these activities (even though it's tempting) – thinking of an idea for your outfit and makeup will mobilize you and make you feel more self-confident.

  1. Keep on taking care of your physical fitness.

Exercising is essential, even during self-isolation! If you have a stationary bicycle standing somewhere and collecting dust, now is the time to bring it out to good use. And if you don’t have any fitness equipment – that’s not a problem. You can find a lot of fitness tutorials online, which show how to exercise without equipment. But remember – this isn’t about losing weight or torturing yourself with an hour-long cardio. Physical activity aims to make your muscles and joints obtain the appropriate dose of movement and give you a boost of positive energy!

  1. Get some fresh air (but only under allowed circumstances)

Being outdoors is extremely important for both our physical and mental health. Fresh air oxygenates our body and improves the condition of our skin, whilst looking at green sceneries relieves stress and helps us relax our tired eyes. Let us not forget that only one walk a day is currently recommended, and that we shouldn’t walk in groups! Responsibility above all.

  1. Clean the space around you.

Having a clean home means having a clear mind. Though, it doesn’t mean that you should clean every nook and cranny. It means that you should use this time to look through your wardrobe, makeup bag or, for example, shoe cabinet. Think what is necessary, what you no longer want, and what is worn out. By creating a space filled only with belongings that you really use, you help yourself focus on the things that really matter.

  1. Stay calm!

During this unique times, we’re constantly bombarded with media reports, which mostly contain sensation rather than reliability. We shouldn’t blindly believe in everything that we hear, rather we should listen to the statements of specialists, check our phone and watch news less frequently. We recommend watching a movie that interests us, meditating, talking with household members. Otherwise, following the statistics will make us live under tremendous pressure.

  1. Keep in touch (remotely) with your close ones.

Despite the fact that we can’t meet up with our relatives in a park or go out to a bar with friends, doesn’t mean that we should isolate from them. We are living in an era of advanced technologies, so let’s make use of them! Messages, telephones, video calls – you name it. The most important thing during this crazy times is to remember that our close ones are our number one priority, and even a short, heartily chat with a beloved person can soothe our nerves.

  1. Help others (without risking your own health)!

Try to think about others, especially now when so many people are in a difficult situation. Maybe you have an older neighbor who shouldn’t leave their home, and whom you can safely deliver groceries to. Or maybe someone in your city is raising money for the homeless or people in need – it doesn’t matter where you live, surely you’ll find a way to help your local community. Don’t close yourself to others, even during self-isolation!

We hope that you’re all safe at your homes, and that our tips will help you take care of your health and mood!

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