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Essential for fans of hybrid nails? Rubber Base coat!

Essential for fans of hybrid nails? Rubber Base coat!


The first step in a manicure—choosing the right base—determines the final effect of our hybrid nail or gel nail. The base is undoubtedly the foundation of beautiful, durable, and glossy styling. Without a high-quality base, even the best hybrid polishes won’t look as expected… The Rubber Base rubber base is the key to perfect nails in a "natural look" style. Get to know it better and see what else it can offer you!



Rubber base – how does it differ from a standard base?

The first, very noticeable difference between a traditional base and a rubber base is the difference in their consistencies. The rubber base is thicker, and after curing under a UV/LED lamp, it becomes harder yet still flexible and resilient. Meanwhile, the classic base for hybrid nails has a somewhat thinner consistency and hardens into a very rigid layer after curing.


Rubber Base – advantages

Nail styling using a rubber base is particularly recommended for people struggling with issues like brittle, fragile, or splitting nails. The properties of rubber allow the base to continually "work," ensuring that chipping is minimized while providing enhanced protection for the nail plate. Another advantage of the rubber base is undoubtedly its self-leveling capability. What does this mean in practice? When applied to an uneven nail surface, this type of product settles in a way that smooths out any imperfections. A very important benefit is also the option to extend nails and shape them as desired. The formula of the rubber base allows for versatile nail extensions, and its durability closely resembles that of gel. Furthermore, the rubber base makes it easy to build up the nails, creating a perfect C-curve.

Rubber bases typically come in several color options, mostly in subtle shades of beige and delicate pinks. This variety allows every customer, even the most demanding, to choose a shade that perfectly matches their skin tone and personal preferences. These are versatile products that serve multiple functions. They act as a base for French manicures, various colorful styles, and essentially any manicure you can imagine. If the shade of the base is appealing as a final color, it can simultaneously serve as both the foundation of the styling and its color.


Rubber Base – how to use it?

First, shape the nails as desired and take care of the cuticles—push them back and trim them. The next step is to dust off and degrease the nail plate. Now it's time for the rubber base. Spread it evenly on the nail plate and cure under a 48W UV/LED lamp for 60 seconds. Want to extend the nails? Do this using special forms, applying a thin layer of the base up to the desired length. If the color of the base used is the final shade you want, just apply a top coat and your styling is complete! If you want to cover the base with another shade, use hybrid polishes and apply them in two thin layers, curing each one in the lamp, and then secure the manicure with a top coat.

Such styling should last without any problems for up to 4 weeks!



Rubber base - what are the common mistakes when applying it?

These mistakes are most commonly encountered when working with a rubber base. Avoid them, and you will quickly master the art of creating trendy nail styles using this unique product.

Firstly, if you prepare the nail plate carelessly and imprecisely, even a high-quality hybrid nail base won't ensure a durable and flawless manicure. Another common mistake is applying the base too thickly, which can lead to flooding the cuticles around the nails. Remember, in the art of nail styling, it's always better to apply several thin layers rather than one thick layer.

Another mistake is incorrect curing of the base, such as using a UV/LED lamp with insufficient power or not curing the product for long enough. Also, remember to thoroughly seal the free edge of the nail with a top coat. Skipping this crucial step will likely result in the styling not achieving satisfactory durability.


Rubber Base – the revolutionary rubber base coat

Looking for an excellent product for extending and building up nails that offers incredible durability and perfect shine? The ideal base for natural, feminine, and elegantly minimalist styling?

Rubber Base is available at the Silcare store in a Clear version as well as several thoughtfully selected color variants that epitomize subtlety. This product will give your hands a beautiful, healthy appearance, regardless of the type of nails you have. Even problematic nail plates bond flawlessly with the rubber base! Thanks to Rubber Base Revolution, you ensure high comfort, whether using it in a salon or the privacy of your home. Dreaming of trendy nail styling in the "natural look" trend? Choose your new favorite base, Rubber Base!

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