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Classic Blue – Color of the Year 2020

Classic Blue – Color of the Year 2020

Who chooses the color of the year?

Pantone, Inc., is an American corporation known worldwide for its color identification standard. The specialists working in this business entity have developed, among other things, the Pantone Color Matching System whose library contains nearly 1,900 classified and named colors. This system became an inspiration and a reference for the world of architecture, interior design, textile industry, makeup as well as movie industry, computer design and marketing. The Pantone Color Institute is a part of the Pantone, Inc., that, each year for the last 20 years, selects the color of the year which, in it the corporation’s view, becomes the theme for the next 12 months. In December 2019, the Institute announced that the color of the year 2020 will be PANTONE 9-4052, namely, Classic Blue. We can therefore expect to find this shade in many logos and word marks, on cosmetic packages or even in textile collections.

So, why Classic Blue?

According to experts of the Pantone Color Institute, we live in the times that are full of uncertainty, instability and anxiety. The deep Classic Blue is supposed to be our anchor, point of stability and a stable foundation on which we’ll build our lives in the new decade. Its hue resembles the evening sky that not only brings peace and harmony but also encourages us to open ourselves to new perspectives and to broaden our mental horizons. This soothing color makes focusing easier, and isn’t this highly desired in the world that’s overflowing with stimuli and information?

Silcare’s color of the year – Flexy 20/1

Flexy Trendy Colors Of The Year is a series that will help you create a stylization in the colors selected by Pantone. Classic Blue, not only calms and soothes the mind but is also pleasant to the eye! Aside from the fact that this rich, intense color looks exceptionally wonderful as an accent on the nails, it, too, can be used in a monochrome manicure or as an addition to glossy, glittery nail polishes.


Open yourself to new possibilities with Flexy 20/1 in the color of Classic Blue!

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