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#changeisHERe - 4 ideas for Glitter Hybrid Manicure

#changeisHERe - 4 ideas for Glitter Hybrid Manicure

Shimmering glitter nail art is mostly associated with the New Year and Carnival season. This does not mean, however, that we can’t add shine every day! Properly chosen gel polish or skillfully applied powder will provide us with a dazzling effect, the intensity of which can be easily adjusted.

We present four easy ways to get a glamorous hybrid manicure below.

Colorful glitter polish, namely 2in1 variant

Covering glitter hybrid gel with color base is definitely the easiest and fastest solution. Thanks to the abundance of tiny particles and intensive pigmentation, after applying only two thin layers the nail looks like a small glittering piece of art! Now all you have to do is apply a top coat and it’s done.


Transparent hybrid gels with glitters – subtle shine or wow effect

For those who care about a possibility to make a gradual effect, a perfect option is a transparent hybrid gels with glitter. It will create a delicate shimmering cloud when it is applied on the base coat or as a single layer on the chosen color – a perfect solution for those who are looking for something versatile and suitable for everyday use. If you are more courageous, you can try to apply the gel polish on the base color with a cosmetic sponge (but previously cut it into pieces). This method will help to achieve fuller coverage and higher concentration of the particles.

Shimmering powder – two methods but endless possibilities

The world of nail powders is a real paradise for all magpies. These products offer a multitude of effects and finishes, and their appearance on the nail strongly depends on the color of the hybrid you apply them to – it’s a huge field for experiments. As if that wasn't enough, many gel polishes can be applied in two ways. Sprinkling glitter powder on the uncured layer of the gel polish or top coat will give the effect of shimmering sugar sprinkles, while rubbing the powder into the sticky layer of the cured product will give a smooth and intensely shiny surface. It is important to cover the nails with the top coat at the end in both cases.


Glitter Top Coat – A Shimmering Accent for the Finish

The most subtle of all four options is to apply a glitter top coat to your nails. You can use a ready-made product or try DIY – just add a bit of glitter to your favorite top coat and mix it on the palette. It is up to us what color we choose and with what intensity they will shine on our hands.



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