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Fashionable nail shapes – which one to choose?

 Fashionable nail shapes – which one to choose?

woman choosing nail shape


The world of manicures is incredibly fascinating, and the fashion for nail shapes (whether natural or extended) changes from time to time. The appearance of the hands, the thickness of the fingers, and above all, the shape of natural nails indicate which shape we can choose to make the hands look most flattering.

Even if you like a trendy shape, it doesn't mean it will suit your hand. When the square is in fashion, and you don't like it, or it doesn't look good on your hand, choose a shape in which you feel comfortable.



How do you choose the right nail shape?


The rule for choosing a nail shape is simple. If you have slim hands, you usually also have long fingers and a long nail plate. In this case, you can allow yourself almost any nail shape. However, if you have plumper hands and fingers, the nail plate is often also wider. In this case, you need to visually elongate the nails.

The quickest way to determine the shape of the free edge of the nail is by looking at the cuticles. The shape we have at the cuticles should be at the end of the nail. The length of the nails is also very important. Considering the width of the natural nail plate and its length, you can proceed to choose the appropriate shape.



Types of nail shapes

The most popular shapes are square, oval, almond, and rounded square. See which one suits you best.


Square - this shape has the tip (free edge of the nail) filed straight with sharp edges. Nails shaped like a square are a classic choice that always looks elegant and stylish.



Oval – here, the tip of the nail is filed "roundly". Oval-shaped nails suit almost every hand, subtly elongate it, and are resistant to all kinds of breaks and damages.

 oval nail shape 

Almond – as the name suggests, this shape of nails resembles an almond seed, where the tip is much tapered. Remember, however, that this shape requires a longer nail; you cannot achieve it on a short free edge.

 almond nail shape


Avant-garde shapes – also called "squoval". In this case, the free edge is filed as for a square, but the edges of the nails are rounded. 

rounded square nail shape


Remember that with wide nails, the square will not be a good choice, even the length won't help. Nails will look "heavy". Consider a "squoval", an almond (with a longer free edge), or an oval. Apply these rules to both natural nails and extended ones.


How to file nails?

It is very important to consider the grit of the file you use for filing nails. For natural nails, it is best to use a nail files with a grit of 240, while for hard nails, a file with a grit of 180 can be used. Coarser files should not be used on natural nails, as they can "fray" the natural nail plate, causing it to split. For filing extended nails, use a file with a grit of 180/100.


Avant-garde shapes

Previously mentioned shapes can be applied to both long and short nails. There are also avant-garde shapes that should never be done in a short version. These shapes include stiletto, coffin, and ballerina – they can only be done properly on long nails.

Stiletto – also known as a dagger, is characterized by a sharply pointed free edge. This is a sharper version of the popular almond. The length of the nails in this shape should be several centimeters. For the bold and confident women, this shape is a perfect choice.

stiletto nail shape

Coffin – resembles a square with tapered/sanded sides forming a trapezoid. This shape is original and eye-catching. Such a style makes the hand look more slender, especially with long nails.

coffin nail shape

Ballerina – characterized by a straight lateral line and a nice, square finish. Nails should look like ballet dancer shoes, pointy type. The shape ballerina is often confused with the coffin. The edges in the coffin shape are filed at a sharper angle, and the ends are more tapered. Moreover, the side of the ballerina is subtly rounded, whereas in the coffin it is straight. Nails in the ballerina shape are an elegant solution for lovers of modern style.

ballerina nail shape


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