Base One Primer + Vitamins 15 ml

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Silcare Base One Primer + Vitamins 15 ml

Base One Primer + Vitamins 15 ml

Flexy Hybrid Gel nail polish 01 Holiday Moments 4,5 g

Flexy Hybrid Gel nail polish 01 Holiday Moments 4,5 g


The only primer with vitamins on the cosmetics market!

Base One Primer + vitamins – acid-free preparation intended for natural nail plate used during gel, hybrid, acrylic nail stylization. The innovative formula enabled to introduce vitamins A and E into oil carriers as well as B vitamins (B7, B8) and calcium pantothenate without weakening the product’s adhesive properties.

Due to the contained vitamins in composition, it allows work on even very damaged plate. Carefully selected ingredients provide perfect adhesion without causing irritation and unpleasant burning sensation. Its properties prevent creation of air bubbles and lifting of the applied product. The preparation is non-invasive.

The primer is applied directly on the natural nail plate, thanks to this the vitamins aren’t blocked by an additional barrier, while the black package protects the contained in it Pro Vitamin complex against sunlight.


  • acid-free
  • contains vitamins A, E, B7, B8 and calcium pantothenate
  • doesn’t require curing
  • essential during gel, hybrid, acrylic manicure
  • non-invasive for nail plate

Way of use: after degreasing with a cleaner, apply small drops of preparation on the plate – directly before application of the right material.