Base One Gel UV Bonder - acid free 15 g

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TYPE: base
COVERAGE: transparent

Base One gels were created according to the modern formula, which enabled for obtaining very durable polymer chains of gel mass. Due to appropriate particles arrangement, the mass is very durable, elastic and at the same time has good adhesion to both tips and natural nail plate.

High quality base gel Base One Bonder 15 ml acid free increases adhesion of gel mass. The product is great for problematic and soft nail plate. The gel forms a protective filter between nail plate and gel, improving adhesion of gels, which are applied next. It requires curing in an UV lamp. It can be used only for gel method.


  • Acid free
  • Increases adhesion of applied gels
  • Intended only for gel method

Way of use: spread the gel over a nail plate and cure in an UV lamp 36 Watt for about 2 minutes.

Base One Line is a one-phase line, which thanks to the development including the best products combined in the right proportions, it can be used in a three-phase process. As a result, decorations will last longer, enabling us to enjoy their intensity longer. 

The first step is base gel (e.g. Base One Bonder Gel) increasing gel mass adhesion. Ideal for every type of a nail plate. The gel forms a protective filter between nail and gel, improving adhesion of applied later gel layers. It can be only used for gel method.

The cured gel layer of "Bonder" is a foundation for the second step, which is a building layer: made with gel such as Base One Clear - V. The third step is a gel such as Base One Shining, which fits perfectly with the previous layers and adds shine to the nails.


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