Affinity Ice Gel UV Pink 15 g

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TYPE: building
UV CURING TIME: 36 W / 2 min
COVERAGE: transparent
THICKNESS: medium thick

AFFINITY is a medium dense, single phase gel which has an ideal adhesion to both the natural nail and to the tips. The color is characteristic because of reducing the color temperature by 20% by the use of azure blue UV filter. This also prevents from yellowing.

The formula gels AFFINITY line has been enhanced with special features:

     Thixotropy - increased by 20%
     The increase adhesion - an increase of 60%
     The stiffness of the polymer chains - increased by 40% through networking high polymers


  • medium dense
  • single phase

HOW TO USE: distribute the gel nail plate, curing in UV lamp with a power of 36 watts for 2 minutes.