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Polygel Easy Shape Cover 30 g
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Polygel Easy Shape Pink 30 g
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Polygel Easy Shape White 30 g
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Polygel is an innovative solution for creating durable, beautiful and natural-looking nails. The nail polygel we offer combines the strength and flexibility of acrylic with the ease of application and smoothness of gel. This makes the process of creating an acrylic-gel manicure simpler and more precise.

Our polygels allow you to even out irregularities and build up a thin and natural-looking layer. They create a hard surface that is resistant to damage while providing flexibility and wearing comfort. Nails with acrylics look very aesthetically pleasing and elegant. You can create a variety of shapes and lengths with them to suit your taste and style. You will get strong and break-resistant nails that you can style with your style. You can create a glittering masterpiece with Peach Diamond or go for a more natural look with Light Pink!

Working with acrylics, you also have more control over the nail styling process, allowing you to fine-tune the shape and length to suit your personal preferences. You can also experiment with different embellishments, colors and effects to create original and unique nail designs.

Acrylo-gel is the perfect solution for both professionals and home nail stylists. We offer a wide selection of acrylic gels, in a variety of shades and capacities, to give you full creative freedom and the opportunity to experiment with different styles. Don’t ponder the question: which polygel to choose - you can find all the right ones at Silcare!