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Which drills for manicure? Development of cuticles!

Which drills for manicure? Development of cuticles!

Do you prefer classic styling, using regular polishes, or do you prefer hybrid or gel manicure? Regardless, the basis for the aesthetic appearance of the styling and its durability is the thorough preparation of nails and cuticles. If you use a nails drilling machine, the preparation of the plate and cuticles will be quick and effective. For the results, it is not without significance what drills you use for the work.

What manicure drills for developing cuticles will be needed? These are two shapes: teardrop and ball. After pushing back the cuticles with a stick or hoof pick, it is a good idea to additionally pick up the cuticles with a teardrop-shaped drill. However, remember to perform this action very gently and with sensitivity, because you are working close to the nail matrix. If you damage it mechanically, the entire nail may even be permanently deformed. Undermined cuticles will be much easier to cut (if you cut them, not just push them away).

After cutting the cuticles, it's a good idea to smooth them to add aesthetics. For this purpose, a ball drill will be useful. Ball drills are available in different sizes. With a larger head you will also comfortably work out the periungual shafts. Working with them will also be faster and more convenient if the cuticles are to be smoothed over a larger area. Smaller balls will be perfect when the work of smoothing cuticles is not a huge task and there is a small area to work on. They are more precise.

Which manicure drills for taking off hybrid/gel mass?

If you're getting hybrids, gels or acrylic-gel and don't want to spend a lot of time removing the old style, the right drills for removing hard mass will come in handy. Which manicure drills to go for in this case?

You can choose either conical drills or sandpaper-like caps that are inserted on the head of the appropriate drill for this purpose.

Which drills for manicure? Choose the right gradation and material!

Which manicure drills are worth choosing? In addition to the shape, the gradation (that is, the degree of abrasiveness) of the drill is also important, as well as the material of its manufacture. The lower the gradation, the more delicate the drill - and this is a good choice for the beginning, when you are just learning the feel of the drill.

Ceramic and diamond drills, on the other hand, are considered the best quality. They do not wear out as quickly as many other materials, so they will serve you for a long time.

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