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What's fashionable now? Spring trends You need to know

What's fashionable now? Spring trends You need to know
  1. Top colors - thanks to them You will stand out in the crowd
  2. 3 fashionable styles giving a spring WOW effect
  3. Firstly – take care of Your body


Great fashion designers propose new colors, patterns, styles for spring... And You are looking in Your wardrobe and in store collections in galleries for clothes and accessories that will create a look similar to those worn by models on the catwalks. We, however, closely follow trends and cleverly transfer them to the world of beauty...

What will reign supreme this spring? What do You need to know if You want to be fashionable?

Top colors - thanks to them You will stand out in the crowd

Classics dominated the catwalks. White, black and gray, which in various (contrary to appearances) shades are available in every possible accessory and all clothing items in the most popular clothing stores. These three colors are high in trends in many combinations. You can mix them together or wear them in the so-called "total look", where all parts of the styling have the same or very similar shade.

A gray or black and white outfit goes perfectly with many color variants on Your nails. If we want to stay in the "total look" style, silver is definitely an idea worth considering. D.O.T. Top Coat Silver will be an accent that will show that You know fashion!

Styling in such classic colors will allow Your energetic, characterful nails to stand out! And among the spring-summer shades that do not go out of trend, the ones that definitely take the lead are... orange, yellow and green! After a gloomy winter, we want to evoke spring in all possible ways. The refreshing orange color of ManiMORE Flash Orange or Top Coat D.O.T. Orange, a color like lemonade - SoPRO 42 or vivid, green shades no. 46 and 47 from the maniMORE collection will brighten up Your everyday life and allow You to fully welcome spring, adding energy and stimulating Your imagination!

After the famous film production of "Barbie", even though several months have passed, pink is not going anywhere... It’s no longer considered an infantile color, reserved for little girls or teenagers. Currently, many shades of pink are perceived as feminine, sensual, graceful and subtle. Pink on Your nails can be the perfect complement to the whole look or just an accent showing that You closely follow fashion and pop culture. The delicate pink color 166 from our Flexy wedding line is something for stylish lovers of elegance. Similarly, milky-pink bases will work great - Light Pink Base 10in1 or Base One Shimmer Misty Rose (which delights with the effect of particles).

Intense purple is definitely a color choice for braver girls. We see in it a magnetic mystery and luxury. Maybe You don't want to wear a purple "total look" because it would feel like wearing a costume. But accessories in the form of jewelry, eye-catching snickers or... nails are the perfect option! For this purpose, we suggest considering varnish no. 36 from the SoPRO collection or, if You prefer a pastel lily, the Sparkling Violet base from the 10in1 line.

When talking about the most fashionable colors for the spring-summer 2024 season, it is impossible to ignore the shade chosen by the Pantone Institute as a trendsetter - Peach Fuzz. Nude manicure or pedicure styles will look great with peach clothing items. Nail polish 40 from the SoPRO collection is a hit! What's more, it is so classic and close to Your skin tone that You will come back to it often, just adding new patterns, shapes and finishes.


3 fashionable styles giving a spring WOW effect

Early spring will be all about trench coats! Regardless of whether You prefer a classic beige version that will last many seasons in Your wardrobe, or maybe You prefer a variation on it - a more spacious version (oversize), shortened - to the waist, in crazy, unique colors or with a leopard print … A trench coat will show You as a woman who knows what's going on in fashion!

Secondly –  sets. A tweed suit set in the Chanel style, a minimalist set, referring to the men's wardrobe, consisting of a vest and wide trousers, or a denim set with a slightly cowboy overtone... Big fashion houses have chosen such propositions. This is the perfect choice for those of You who are building a capsule wardrobe, because such a duo can be worn together or each part separately, so it can be used in many outfits and for various occasions! A creative approach to fashion is essential.

And when we talk about spring, we also have to mention skirts. Each skirt length, when styled appropriately, fits the seasonal trends for spring 2024. However, for the beautiful, warm weather that is about to arrive, we often choose a mini skirt. There are no strict rules here - any material will do. From knitwear, through leather and denim, to more extravagant lace or sequins.


Firstly – take care of Your body

In spring, we expose more of our bodies and therefore focus more on a proper care. Healthy skin is radiant and shines in the sun. So Rose! So Gold! illuminating body gel with particles, thanks to its light formula, is very comfortable and hassle-free to apply. It leaves a golden glow of glitter on the body, resulting in a subtle, elegant tan effect. We owe this effect to the addition of "Inca gold", i.e. luxurious Inca-Inca oil. But it's not only about a beautiful coating on the skin, but above all about a composition rich in plant active substances, thanks to which the skin will remain moisturized, nourished and younger for longer, and a short skirt, shorts or a summer top will look much better!

The best companion for a beautiful, fashionable style is... a spring fragrance. And what does spring mean? Definitely with sweet notes of juicy fruits - peach, tangerine, cranberry and aromatic flowers - rose, white flowers, but combined with deep, feminine aromas of patchouli and vanilla - to break the sweetness. The mist from the luxurious So Rose! So Gold! line smells like this... Take it with You in Your bag for every occasion. So You will receive many compliments and You will feel confident!

We’ve already mentioned nails - or rather the colors and patterns that will dominate them this spring. But after winter, it would be good to give some "love" to dry hands, tired from long frosts. A manicure will look perfect only on well-groomed hands. Achieve their perfect condition using So Rose! So Gold! Hand and Nails Serum. This is an exclusive addition to take care of these areas. Welcome spring 2024 by considering Your hands as Your calling card!



Finally, we would like to present You spring beauty trends in a nutshell, or rather... in a box. Because we’ve just introduced the Spring BOX to our store, which contains as many as a dozen or so products - spring essentials for stylish, fashionable women who follow trends.

Get inspired by spring and immortalize it on Your Instagram or Facebook, and this Box full of spring essentials and pleasures will be Yours!

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