What is a nail base coat? A mini guide for beginners


Many people starting their adventure with hybrid styling wonder whether a nail base coat (classic or hybrid) is necessary. While it is not always necessary before applying classic nail polish (although it definitely is useful), with hybrid polish it is required. Here are some of the most important information about nail polish base coat! 

Table of contents:

  1. What is a nail base and why should you use it?
  2. What is the hybrid nail base for?
  3. How to use a nail base?

What is a nail base and why should you use it?

When asked what a nail base is, the answer is that it is a kind of protective layer that not only protects the nail from drying and possible discoloration from dark polishes, but also increases the durability of the polish by increasing its adhesion.

In the case of hybrid styling, the base coat is necessary - otherwise the nail polish could very quickly peel away from the natural plate.

It is also worth mentioning that the use of a base coat under the varnish increases the aesthetics of the manicure, because it evens out the structure of the nail and also allows you to fill in gaps and even correct its shape.

What is the hybrid nail base for?

Wondering what is the hybrid nail base for? Its function is similar to that of using a classic nail polish: it evens out the structure of the plate and strengthens it, as well as protects it from discoloration from the nail polish itself. In addition, it is a layer that bonds the nail polish to the plate, like double-sided tape. There are different types of bases to choose from: classic, reinforcing, hardening, and builder, among others. Using the latter, you can correct the shape and length of your nails!

A hybrid base is indispensable when you use hybrid polishes. It is also useful when your natural nails are weakened: soft, brittle and splitting. The natural shade base provides two benefits: aesthetic and practical. It will harden nails and protect them from mechanical damage, so they will grow back faster and, on the other hand, thanks to it you will get an aesthetic manicure.

How to use a nail base?

If you paint your nails with classic nail polish - choose a base coat designed for such a manicure. Prepare your nails: file them and work out the cuticles, then clean and degrease them. Apply a thin layer of base coat and wait until it dries well. If necessary, you can apply a second coat. Apply colored polish only when the base is completely dry.

For hybrid nails, the preparation process is the same. Apply one layer of base coat - now harden it in the lamp. Usually, 30-60 seconds is enough. After curing, you can paint your nails with hybrid polish.