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Trichologist – Let Your Hair Down

Trichologist – Let Your Hair Down

Probably every woman knows that one of the beauty’s most essential attributes is thick, shiny and primarily healthy hair. That’s why we care for it and we are ready to spend a lot of money to style it. And what if our hair doesn’t stop falling out no matter what we do, ends are splitting again, dandruff doesn’t disappear, and the eternal problem with oily scalp keeps on returning? It’s worth to take a closer look at our hair and wonder with what problems are we struggling and if our care is proper. A specialist may help, they are able to face every problem concerning hair or scalp. We’re talking about a TRICHOLOGIST.


A trichologist is a specialist who deals with hair and scalp disorders. Their aim is to identify the cause of the problems linked with the hair condition or functioning of the hair follicles, recognize the ailment, match an individual way of care and treatment in order to eliminate the problem. A trichologist carefully analyzes the condition of the scalp, hair roots and follicles as well as disorder that bothers a particular person. Take into account that a trichologist is not a doctor, therefore treatments do not require any surgical intervention. They will be based only on natural care and cosmetics.


How does the appointment with a trichologist look like?

A visit at the trichologist, depending on the undertaken actions, may cost from PLN 80 to 150 and take from 20 to 60 minutes. Frequency of the visits depends on the problem and ranges between one and three visits every two or three months. The visit starts from a detailed interview with a patient. The specialist asks questions about our care methods, problem with which we have came, lifestyle, medications that are being taken or medical history. A good trichologist also requires us to take our cosmetics with us to the visit – after getting acquainted with the composition of the cosmetic and our hair they are able to determinate if they are appropriate for us. Next, they do the most important part, namely the assessment of the sebaceous glands’ work level and the assessment of the epidermis’ keratynization level, diagnosis of the scalp, hair roots and follicles. They define the state of hair using a micro apparatus and electronic microscope that enable observation in a double zoom. If a patient has a problem with hair loss, an additional examination of the hair that fell out is being performed to determine its life stage. Thanks to the cooperation of devices with the computer, pictures of the disease can be taken during the whole treatment in order to compare the changes that occurred after the treatment. After scalp’s inspection and the observation of the taken samples of hair roots, a trichologist recognizes the condition and its causes, adjusts the treatment, indicates the appropriate care cosmetics to stop the visible lesions. In addition, if necessary, they give a referral for examinations, to visit or consult a doctor, because they alone work using only external therapy.

A trichologist also performs trichological treatments that aim to rebuild the hair follicles and activate them to work by rubbing or massaging the scalp, e.g. with a peel treatment. They aim to moisturize, nourish and purify the hair. These treatments are performed only with natural preparations which are rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins or amino acids.


When should we go to a specialist?

If we notice any of the following problems after a long observation of our hair or scalp:

  • excessive hair loss, e.g. during washing or combing
  • changes in the scalp – redness, dry flakes of dandruff, pustules
  • excess of oily substance on the fingers or behind the nails after scratching our head
  • itchy scalp
  • feeling of excessive tightness of the scalp
  • dandruff
  • seborrhea
  • dry scalp
  • alopecia
  • psoriasis
  • damaged hair after hairdressing treatments
  • problems associated with hair after chemotherapy

... then it's a sign that we should meet a trichologist and try to combat the problem together.


Hair problems can also result from:

  • pregnancy
  • hormonal problems
  • circulation problems
  • improper diet
  • stress – hair becomes malnourished and oxygen-depleted as a result of shrinking of the arrector pili muscles and blood vessels caused by the stress hormone
  • genes – the quality of hair that has been inherited genetically from our parents or grandparents

In such cases, a trichologist can also be our last resort. We can also visit a specialist only to improve our care methods or to perform a skin care treatment.


Trichological tips

Before we decide to go to a trichologist, we should start taking care of our hair by ourselves, because we may find out that it doesn’t need nothing more!

The most important thing is to remember that there’s a scalp under our hair which needs care just like our face or body does. It’s essential to perform a massage of the scalp with the use of a special peel once a week to remove the dead skin cells, revive the hair roots, improve blood circulation in the skin cells, oxygenate the bulbs and facilitate the skin's adoption of nutrients from the used cosmetics. Other important thing is protection against UV radiation with the use of suitable nutrients or serum… we should also avoid cosmetics containing SLES, SLS, ALS and MLS because they damage the natural hydrolipid barrier of the epidermis, they can irritate, sensitize, make our skin dry, cause itching, erythema and even atopic dermatitis. The scalp can be dried and oiled simultaneously, whereas hair may become brittle, start falling out and lose its brilliance.

Beautiful hair is the dream of every woman. And we can make it come true! We have many options: a trichologist, natural cosmetics and even peels for the scalp about which not everyone have heard of so far. We may announce that soon the offer of Silcare will be extended by specialist products: Trichological Booster and Deep Cleansing Scrub for the scalp! But the most important thing is our willingness, commitment and regularity, because we can only in such a way make our hair healthy and well cared for

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