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Trendy nails for Fall 2023

Trendy nails for Fall 2023

Fall is just around the corner, which means it's time to refresh our style. Fortunately, manicure for fall 2023 promises many exciting trends that are sure to keep your nails fashionable and stylish throughout the season. One of the absolute hits of the season is Choco Nails - in a deep brown color, just like delicious chocolate. But this is just the tip of the iceberg in the world of hybrid manicure options for fall.

Choco Nails - Chocolate Extravagance

The first trend that will win the hearts of many manicure lovers for fall is Choco Nails. This deep brown shade reminiscent of gourmet chocolate is the perfect choice for a fall manicure. Choco nails are elegant, classic and give your hands a warm, embracing look. You can go all the way, painting all your nails in this shade, or opt for delicate highlights, such as a single accent nail to further enhance your look.

The style, beloved by Pinterest, has finally made its way up the ladder. Choco nails have been a niche of the manicure world for years, but this year they turn out to be a real manicure hit for fall 2023! Hybrid nail polishes such as maniMORE 15 in a dark chocolate color, or maniMORE 40, if you are a fan of the milky variant, will work perfectly here!

Mani for Fall - Colorful Accents

Although Choco Nails are an absolute hit, we can't forget about colorful accents. By fall the leaves change colors, so why not be inspired by them during your manicure? Reds, oranges, burgundies and shades of green are perfect for this season. You can add colorful accents on one or more nails to create a dynamic and energetic manicure for fall. Experts predict that warm and intense red will be the most popular, but remember that the choice is yours!

You can find all the trendy colors for manicures for fall 2023 in our fall collection!

Minimalist Style - Hybrid Manicure for Everyday.

If you prefer more subdued nails, we have good news for you - fall loves minimalism! Hybrid nail polish in shades of nude, beige or pastel colors is the perfect choice for an everyday manicure fall 2023. This subtle style suits any occasion and adds elegance to your look. If you're interested in this option, try SoPRO's new hybrids - such as SoPRO 43 in a soft beige or SoPRO 44 in a heather shade.

Metallic Accents - Sparkle for Fall

If you're a lover of sparkle, then manicure fall 2023 has something in store for you. Metallic accents on nails are an interesting manicure trend for fall. You can add a shimmering metallic hybrid nail polish on one or more nails to create a striking contrast to the deep shades of fall, or use special accessories for embellishments. Choose a fall color and go wild - get creative and create something that will be truly your own! Nail art is always in fashion.

This is where Silver or Gold fine transfer foil can come in handy. Remember - silver loves beiges and greens, and gold is best combined with navy blue or maroon!


In conclusion, manicure for fall 2023 hides a lot of secrets. There is a prominent trend of Choco Nails, but colorful accents, minimalist style and metallic flashes are also in fashion. Choose the trend that best suits your style and personality, and enjoy fashionable nails throughout the fall.

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