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Step by step: How to use nail nippers like a pro?

Step by step: How to use nail nippers like a pro?

One of the main dilemmas for beginner nail stylists is the question – which nail nippers to choose? - both for personal use and those wishing to take on clients. There are two main considerations when choosing nail nippers: it's their profile and sharpness, as well as how to use them skilfully. How to you use nail nippers correctly so that the results are satisfactory? We give you a hint!



  1. What can you use nail nippers for?
  2. Which nail nippers to choose?
  3. How to use nail nippers step by step?

What can you use nail nippers for?

The nail nippers are one of those accessories without which an aesthetic manicure would not be possible. They enable you to cut the cuticles around your nails and remove dead skin from the nail folds. The nail nippers are also useful for pedicure: they allow you to prepare your cuticles and nail walls aesthetically and easily.

The main use of the nail nippers is cutting cuticles. However, this is not as simple task as it may seem at first glance.

Before you proceed to work on your cuticles with the nippers, verify the most important point: whether the nippers you have chosen have the right shape (i.e. whether they close, do not protrude and grip the cuticles) and whether they are sharp enough. Dull pliers won't cut the cuticles, they will only tear them!

Which nail nippers to choose?

Even if you only want to buy nail nippers for your own use, this is one accessory that is not worth saving money on. Always choose professional products: because then you are guaranteed that they will make your work easier, not harder and ruin it! So pay attention to a few things:

  • material – surgical steel is one of the best choices. It stays sharp for a long time, while also not rusting and disinfecting well;
  • the profile of the blade – when closed, there must be no gaps – otherwise the pliers will tear the cuticles instead of cut them;
  • the arms – the more pleasant to the touch the material is, the better, because you will simply use them better. Also pay attention to how the nippers feel in your hand – they need to be comfortable.

How to use nail clippers step by step?

Before cutting your cuticles, carefully lift them up and push them away, preferably using a wooden stick. By pushing the cuticle up, you reduce the risk of pulling it out. If your cuticles are hard, it is a good idea to soften them with a special cuticle gel. This will also reduce the risk of tearing and injuring them.

Always disinfect your nippers before and after use. Start cutting your cuticles from the edge, placing them against the cuticle and moving them like a pair of scissors across the paper –without taking them up. This is the best way to minimise the risk of unsightly ragged and injured cuticles!

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