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Spring, it's you!

Spring, it's you!

Are you struggling because of a lack of motivation? Do you feel despondent? Do you see dry skin and brittle nails on your hands? These are very common phenomena that occur around the spring solstice. Today we will show you how you can fight them!

Spring changes the world. The day becomes longer, brighter and warmer, and everything around us revives anew. When the period of cold and gloom ends, we get a chance to have our own private rebirth with the reality around us. However, it is important to remember that winter, although it is slowly passing into oblivion, leaves its mark on us.

So, what can you do so that the unpleasant effects of winter's chill and cold don't affect your well-being so much? The simplest answer is to take care of yourself, although this phrase has such a broad meaning that it may seem trivial. However, there are very specific ways to focus on yourself that will help you rebuild your self-esteem and repair the parts of your body that have endured winter the hardest.

How to feel better?

First, you need to define what you feel bad about at this point. Most women around spring solstice feel a lack of motivation and a relatively worsened mood. We assure you right away - this is not your fault! The effects of the past winter are perfectly normal for all of us, so don't think that something is wrong with you. If you're distressed, you're sad, you seem to be out of step with the world - this is how this period affects us, but we don't have to give in to these feelings. We can fight for our own!

It has already been established in our culture that spring is a time of resolutions and plans and, as it turns out, it’s all for good reason. Organizing the world around us significantly affects our well-being, allowing us to seize back some control over the things around us. If we start planning and thinking about what we actually want, we will suddenly find that achieving happiness is within reach. The hardest step is to adopt this approach, because it requires commitment and, if only momentarily, stepping out of our current comfort zone. Sometimes planning can prove troublesome when we don't have the right tools for it. A place where we store our memories and little things that help us push on and remind ourselves why we are doing all this is certainly useful here. Such a place can be a jewelry box, a desk organizer or a trunk to hold our items. What does fit the criteria of the right size and ergonomic layout is, for example, the La Primavera box, inside of which you will also find very useful cosmetics!

Healthy body, healthy spirit

In addition to your spirit, the winter cold and winds have not left unscathed the part of your body that most often came into contact with them - your hands. The cold dries out the skin, tampering with the protective layer of the epidermis, making it hard and sensitive at the same time. In theory, you can defend against the effects of the cold weather in beauty parlors by choosing treatments that thicken and toughen the skin - chemical peels, for example - but today we're talking about treating the effects, not protecting against the causes.

The first thing you should do for the skin of your hands in the spring is to moisturize it. Dry skin is very easily irritated and can be hypersensitive to all sorts of substances, even water! To properly moisturize the skin of the hands, we should turn our attention towards hand creams that boast their ability to deeply moisturize dry skin. All the better if they are also capable of smoothing and making the skin supple, as our hands need this as well. A good choice would be creams that contain firming complexes, such as the perfumed hand cream from the La Primavera set.

However, the skin is not the only part of the hand that frails in contact with the winter cold - we must not forget about the nails. While cold winds surround us from all sides, and indoor heating pulls moisture out of the air, the condition of our nails deteriorates dramatically. They become brittle, fragile and weak, often crack and are unable to keep polish on them. In this case, it is necessary to both moisturize and take care of their condition. First, put aside the acetone remover. When your nails are already irritated, there's no point in giving them new reasons to suffer. A healthy plate will cope well with acetone, but when you see the winter effects on it, using such a remover will make it even worse. The basis of nail care in the spring, therefore, is to choose the right cosmetics that can cope with irritation, weakness and brittleness. A good solution can be  the Cuticle and Nail Olive, which is available in the above-mentioned La Primavera kit.

Feel the spring in all its glory

Spring is a time of change, so keep in mind that you will soon feel these changes all around you. New plants will appear, animals hiding during the frost will come back into view and, most importantly for our well-being, the world will be filled with smells. Some of them will be intense, some will be much more delicate, but all of them together will create a real mosaic of olfactory sensations. At times it may even seem overwhelming, so it is worth taking care of your own fragrance - one that you will like yourself. Perfumes for spring are usually based on floral themes for a reason. For three months we were in a world without fresh, flowery scents, so inevitably we now need to make up for that lost time. However, it may turn out that flowers alone are not enough, especially when our nostrils begin to fill with thousands of unexpected aromas every day. The perfume used in the production of La Primavera cosmetics is therefore based on a slightly different premise. It combines the scent of coffee, one of the world's most beloved aromas, with wild flowers and herbs, among which is fresh pink pepper. Such a mix of scents affects our mood, using smell to transmit information to the brain, colloquially speaking, explaining to it that it's not so bad after all! Dopamine kicks in, and we can enjoy a full day's worth of smells and more motivation to do things.

Finally, the simple pleasures of a spring manicure are also worth mentioning! We no longer have to decide between adjusting to the cold, gloomy landscape by choosing cold polish colors or contrasting with the dark landscape with bright shades. When spring comes, the colors return, so we can create fashionable manicures from all colors of the rainbow! Although, of course, some pigments will clash with each other, spring has it that all contrasts go by the wayside. We, for example, are taking advantage of the new ManiMORE and SoPRO collections, which have just appeared to celebrate the first crocuses and snowdrops. When we take care of our well-being and agree with ourselves, manicures will already be an absolute pleasure. Especially when our nails are healthy and we reach for colors that connect with our new spring reality!

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