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Soap nails - natural nails a hit in 2024

Soap nails - natural nails a hit in 2024
  1. Soap nails - natural nails a hit in 2024
  2. Soap nails - where did this trend come from?
  3. “Quiet luxury”, i.e. minimalism in abundance
  4. Clean girl, a tribute to naturalness
  5. Why do women love soap nails?
  6. How to make hybrid nails in the soap nails style?

Manicure trends change very frequently and dynamically. However, among the most fashionable hybrid nail styles for a given season, there is always at least one minimalist, classic look.

Spring 2024 does not deviate from this trend. Soap nails have just become fashionable! Hybrid nail polishes in charming, subtle shades of milky pink, emanating a delicate shine, dominate the nails of stars and women who consciously follow fashion.

Soap nails - where did this trend come from?

The fashion for specific shapes, colors or patterns on nails is extremely dependent on... catwalk fashion. World-famous designers from the largest fashion houses create complete looks in which (apart from clothes) all the details related to our external appearance are of great importance - including makeup and nails!


Which fashion trends started the soap nails boom?

“Quiet luxury”, i.e. minimalism in abundance

A minimalist, capsule wardrobe containing only high-quality essentials is a huge fashion and worldview trend. This season, well-known brands offer us timeless forms, classic shades and durable materials of clothes and accessories, but without placing a visible logo on them or blindly following passing street trends.

“Quiet luxury” perfectly combines with a natural look in manicure. "Clean", well-groomed hands with a bit of elegant shine on the nails complement the luxurious, elegant image, but subtly, without "screaming" from a distance.

Clean girl, a tribute to naturalness

Naturalness remains in fashion! Who is a “clean girl” and what does she like? She is a well-groomed, self-confident woman who fully accepts her appearance and character. She focuses on comprehensive self-care - both body and spirit. She prefers minimalist clothes in light colors, wears no-makeup makeup and chooses delicate, classic hybrid nail polishes, often creating the soap nails effect.


Why do women love soap nails?

Simplicity and elegance - it's always fashionable! These are the words we can describe as soap nails manicure. Hands with soap nails look extremely healthy, but also young, which is why this trend dominates in every age group. It is appreciated by all minimalists - from teenagers to mature women.

When You see such a manicure from a distance, You may think that it is just a nail conditioner on well-groomed nails. But soap nails are a very well-thought-out technique that brings out the best in our hands and nails. The soap effect is characterized by naturalness, sublime shine and extraordinary versatility. This manicure suits any outfit, season and occasion. Moreover, soap nails are durable, so they can be a great option for women who do not have time for frequent visits to a beauty salon.


How to make hybrid nails in the soap nails style?

It's so simple that even if You're just starting Your adventure with hybrid manicure, You'll definitely be able to do it!

Apply one of the Milky No Wipe Top Coats to the nails prepared for hybrids. We present four new color proposals that are perfect for soap nails: Milky, Creamy Rose, Velvet Bling, Silk Delight.

Their transparent formula creates a minimalist, feminine effect. Thanks to the specially developed recipe of Milky Tops, You will achieve a strengthened, healthy nail plate, resistant to any damage. Moreover, these products are very durable, so You don't have to worry about corrections and unattractive defects while wearing them. And their application is so simple that You will create Your soapy look with pleasure and at an express pace.


Check out all four colors and choose the perfect Milky for Your skin tone! Fall in love with a trend appreciated by stylish women all over the world…

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