Quail Egg Effect – A Manicure Not Only for Spring!


Quail egg, stone, Oreo cookie, cream cheese with vanilla beans…Manicure with an effect of tiny and irregular dots has many names, but one thing is sure – two seasons have passed and it’s still a hit! Keep reading to find out why!


Quail egg – not only for Easter

At first, quail egg nails proved to be a splendid idea for spring – small dots and specks on white or pastel color perfectly imitate an Easter egg. However, nail techs and clients quickly found out that this kind of effect looks great at any time of the year! Black spots on neutral, beige or light brown shades resemble a structure of a natural stone that, unexpectedly, matches the colors of autumn clothing. And when coupled up with warm beige or pastel yellow (e.g., Flexy No. 229 from Madame Pastelle collection), they will make you think of delicious vanilla pudding sprinkled with cinnamon, enveloping you in a sweet scent of Christmas desserts.


How to obtain a quail egg effect on nails?

This kind of nail design might seem like a hassle to do, but that’s very far from the truth! Thanks to Silcare Eggshell Effect Dry Top, you will be able to create a stone effect manicure in a matter of seconds. Just apply one thin layer of top coat to cured layer of gel or gel polish and cure in UV-LED lamp for 90 seconds. You can apply a second layer if you want more particles. You don’t have to wipe your design with a cleaner because Silcare Eggshell Effect Dry Top does not have an inhibition layer.


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