Qltic Cosmetic 2018


Qltic Cosmetic 2018 (Qltowy Kosmetyk 2018 in Polish) is a prestigious industry award granted by the Kosmetyki magazine to the best cosmetics introduced in the market at the end of 2017 and beginning of 2018. The cosmetic goods submitted to the contest are a high quality innovative response to the needs of the most demanding customers.

We are living in the times of dynamic growth of the Polish cosmetics market, on which plenty of novelties and innovations appear. Among the huge number of submissions – as the Kosmetyki magazine states, more than 600 cosmetics in 48 categories were submitted to the contest in 2018 – there were also our products, and they received nominations in three categories: “body: care”, “Polish body care cosmetics” as well as “cosmetics for men”.

The winner in the best body care cosmetics / scrubs category: