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Polish record belongs to us!

Polish record belongs to us!

The idea developed suddenly in the Marketing Department – it popped out unexpectedly in our minds. We simply asked ourselves: “how many people can paint their fingernails at the same time?”. We reached for the most reliable source, namely the “Oficjalne Biuro Rekordów” (a Polish firm that offers comprehensive advisory services in terms of record breaking), and we learned that the previous Polish record was 103 people. Already then we knew that we’re able to gather a greater number of people who’ll be styling their fingernails at the same time and beat the record!

Choosing the time and place where the record was supposed to be beaten wasn’t easy. We had to meet the relevant conditions to establish cooperation with the “Oficjalne Biuro Rekordów”. The specific objectives mainly concerned the location that would accommodate a big number of persons and meet its visual task by attracting participants. Thus, we decided to join to the “Days of Gorzów Wielkopolski” event and reserved the whole Old Town Bridge located right in the city centre for that time. We couldn’t wait to go out and show to people our interesting and fun idea.

As has emerged over the course of record breaking, both men and women participated in it. There were kids, moms and dads, grandfathers and grandmas. Furthermore, the theme of record breaking – nail stylization – was very close to Silcare company.

In order to beat the official record, the participants had to paint their fingernails of at least one of their hands all by themselves within the limited time of 90 minutes. The attempt to break the world record started at 11 a.m. The participants needed only fifteen minutes to complete the task, which made the announcement of the result incredibly easy. After the complete completion of the task, the judge of “Oficjalne Biuro Rekordów” announced the outcome that amounted to 142 people who’ve styled their fingernails all by themselves!

The record was acknowledged by the “Oficjalne Biuro Rekordów” with a certificate that we claimed in person. This way, we’ve managed to beat the previous record that was set in November 25th, 2017 in Katowice during the Beauty Fair cosmetics trade shows and amounted to 103 people.

We feel extremely proud and fulfilled – because, after all, the Polish record belongs to us. Although, our main reason for being proud is the fact that we were able to give people happiness and good fun. We showed how joyful it is to paint nails in a group of people from different backgrounds and generations. The participants who took part in the event came to realize, just like we did, that painting nails brings people closer.



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