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Manicures for Carnival 2024

Manicures for Carnival 2024

Entering the world of hybrid nails for the 2024 Carnival, Silcare promises a style revolution. While some of the well-known and beloved carnival styles will stay with us for this year as well, we will also see some completely unexpected guests in the coming months - both in terms of colors and techniques. In this article, we'll remind you of what was in fashion for carnival manicures in previous years, and tell you what awaits us come January.

Carnival 2023: The elegance of silver and gold

2023 was definitely the year of glitz and glamour on carnival styles. Silver and gold nails reigned supreme at the time, attracting the gaze with their intense shine. Women all over the world gave in to this fashion craze, creating countless variations on the classic possibilities of these colors. Nails for this time were certainly elegant, adding a touch of luxury to any outfit. These very elements will also appear in this year's carnival mani.

However, we can expect to move away from pastel pink and shades of purple or maroon in 2024. The most important reason for this step may be the fact that these colors have not come off our nails basically since the end of the summer of the past year. The time has come for a change, and it looks like we will find it in colors that did not boast popularity at all in previous years.

Forecast 2024: Color Manicure - oranges, pinks and more!

When choosing nails for Carnival 2024, we need to remember what it's all about. It's a time of winter balls, masquerades and parties - and what is associated with them best? Bright colors, of course!

Experts predict that we are in for a real shot of colors in hybrid mani for the carnival - from bright orange through strong red to deep green. At times, glitter may creep in as well, which is not surprising, considering that carnival hybrids are meant not only to look, but also to shine!

Choose a shade that will allow you to show the world your true self and have fun in your own way. If you love strong colors, we certainly advise you to take this direction.

Forecast 2024: Frosted nails and Smokey nails.

As we are moving away from nude shades in the world of hybrids for Carnival 2024, alternatives to bright styles have begun to emerge among some circles. Those who love subtlety are sure to find something of interest.

Frosted nails are not a new technique, but for a long time we knew it under a slightly different guise. This trend, by design, resembles the styling of chrome nails - that is, nails so cold they even feel metallic. Our experts predict that their return in time for carnival styling is inevitable - and in what shade can we expect them? Well, the obvious answer is milky white and very light beige, but let's not forget that metal is not one color. It is important that the manicure in this style reflects the light - and preferably it should be kept in the convention of high gloss.

Smokey nails are another return to the classics. A trend known back in the days of Tumblr is back under a slightly new banner - nails that are trendy and subtle, instead of the somewhat pretentious look it presented when it first appeared. Manicures with a smoke motif may seem difficult to do, as it turns out, however - nothing could be further from the truth! All it takes is a moment of concentration to make these spectacular hybrid nails for carnival 2024 also appear on your fingertips. A little advice from our side - do them like an ombre, but let both nail polishes spill slightly. The smoke will form on its own! For this trendy manicure, bet on flashing black and very, really very soft beige. This will allow you to create an extraordinary look, while maintaining the subtlety and elegance you're looking for.

Christmas 2023: What to wear for Christmas?

Christmas this year is painted in soft and natural shades. Both nude hybrid nail polishes and elegant, dark shades will find their place in the Christmas 2023 manicure. It's a joyful period when there is just not enough time for anything, basically. If you find a moment, allow yourself to get the manicure of your dreams - as a gift to yourself.

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