June 23 – Father’s Day. Take Your Dad for… a Walk!


We love changes, action and living a life at full speed. And yet, sometimes, we get tired of constant pace, responsibilities, work, studying, permanent sleep loss and destructive stress. We stop caring about relations. We forget to take care of ourselves, and neglect our close ones. And this is the moment when our inner voice shouts, “Stop! It’s time for you to take a break, to take a breather.”

Let us bravely take a time-out together with our loved ones. Father’s Day is a great opportunity for this and, at the same time, a wonderful pretext for strengthening the family ties. You are surely browsing through your memories, remembering your childhood, carefree moments of play with your dad and his prickly kisses for goodnight. Hug your inner child – it’s natural that it needs affection, too! Take your dad for a walk and enjoy the moment, feel like a little girl again and goof around – just how you used to when you were young.

Below, you’ll find small tips, advice and ideas how to spend some active time with your dad on his day.

  1. Picnic

Do you love to cook? Use your passion! Make delicious, colorful sandwiches or Oriental sushi. And for dessert, try to bake a yeast cake with crust and fruits. It’s also worth to fill the picnic basket with seasonal fruits and vegetables. Doesn’t it sound healthy and delectable?! Your dad will surely appreciate your efforts.

  1. Bike trip

Are you both active? Then a bike trip will be a great idea. Does thirty, sixty, ninety kilometers sound like a challenge? Take it! Satisfaction guaranteed.

  1. Camping

Birds singing, water splashing, fresh air… Does it not sound marvelously relaxing? This is a perfect proposition for the fans of nature, simplicity and alternative solutions. If you’re not afraid of unfavorable conditions, and you just love to spend hours resting in the bosom of nature, then grab your tents, sleeping bags and backpacks – it’s time to find the perfect camping spot!

  1. Adventurers, in other words, a trip to the mountains, lake or ocean

Are you constantly looking for action? Is it always not enough? Are you two living a life to the fullest? Then it’s time for another adventure! You can get the top of the mountain together, swim in the salty sea water, or find a new trail. New challenges await you!

  1. Classic walk to the forest

Sometimes it is the best to keep things simple. A several-hour-long walk in the forest will surely make you both very happy. Greenery relaxes and brings serenity. Take a deep breath, your minds deserve a break.

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