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How to use an aluminium nail art foil?

How to use an aluminium nail art foil?

As many ladies as many preferences when it comes to nail art. Some ladies prefer the natural look of the plate, others like to cover it with color, and still others cannot imagine a manicure without embellishments. One popular nail art decoration that is both easy to make and looks very nice is the aluminium nail art foil. What is it and how to use it? We give you a hint!


  1. What is a nail art foil?
  2. How do you decorate your nails with a nail art foil?
  3. What to keep in mind when using a nail art foil?

What is a nail art foil?

The aluminium nail art foil is a foil in the form of a flakes that is most commonly used when performing hybrid manicure. It is an excellent choice for anyone who likes shiny nail designs. An additional advantage of the nail art foil is that it’s very easy to achieve the desired glow effect with it: in practice, all you need to do is stick the selected piece of foil to the inhibition layer (namely, the sticky layer) of the gel polish.

The foil is available in different variants, both in various colours and sizes. You can choose between ready-made, already-cut pieces of foil (flakes), or foil in a sheet, which you can cut yourself. With the latter option, you can cut any shape, of any size, and create nail decorations just the way you like!

The nail art foil can also be applied to the entire nail plate for an interesting uneven texture effect. How you use the nail art foil is up to your imagination, and this nail art decoration itself offers many possibilities.

How to decorate nails with an aluminium nail art foil?

The foil is very easy to use. It is most conveniently applied with tweezers, preferably the one designed for false eyelashes (as its shape ensures a precise grip and application). Simply apply the chosen piece to the area where it is to be placed, pressing it down onto the plate...

You can use the foil to decorate your nails in several ways, including:

  • covering the entire nail with it
  • by sticking just one piece on to the desired spot
  • by creating a cut-off line in the French manicure
  • covering the free edge of the nail.

What should you keep in mind when using aluminium nail art foil?

Nail art foil can also be applied with a dotting tool or wooden cuticle stick – pick the one you feel comfortable with. The foil is not suitable for use directly on the natural nail plate (it won’t stick to it).

It works best with hybrid gel polish, but you can also embed it into gel or acrylic. The aluminium nail art foil should be sealed with a protective top coat.

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