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How to use acrylic for nails? Explained

How to use acrylic for nails? Explained

Acrylic for nails is a method of styling that stands somewhat in the shadow of hybrids and gels. And that's a shame - because it is an excellent alternative to them. Styling with acrylics may seem difficult, which is why many women give up at the go and reach for the easy-to-follow hybrid. However, it is worth knowing that acrylic perfectly hardens the nails, so it is a great way to protect them from external factors. Acrylic styling is even easier to do than gel. How to properly use acrylic for nails? We’re here to give you a hint! 


Table of contents:

  1. Acrylic for nails: what is it?
  2. Acrylic for nails: how to use it correctly?
  3. How to use acrylic for nails? Additional information


Acrylic for nails: what is it?

Acrylic is a powder that must be mixed with a special liquid. Mixing these two cosmetics in the right proportion will allow to obtain a uniform consistency, which is then applied to properly prepared nails. In the opinion of many users, working with acrylic mass is easier and more pleasant than developing gel mass.

The powder simply needs to be mixed with a special liquid, which is included in the kit, in the proportions specified by the manufacturer. After obtaining a homogeneous mass, it is applied to the nails: directly on the plate or on the mold.

For many people, the advantage is that the acrylic dries by itself and there is no need for a lamp. The obstacle, on the other hand, is sometimes the fact that the acrylic mixture emits a specific, rather intense smell, which for many people can be irritating.


Acrylic for nails: how to use it correctly?

Acrylic for nails allows you to get hard nails, which are well protected from mechanical damage. Covering your nails with acrylic is a good method to speed up the regrowth of weakened nails - because, thanks to the fact that it perfectly protects the plate from external factors, it prevents the formation of new damage that slows down the recovery process.

Are you tempted by nail acrylic and wondering how to use it for the best results? The basis is the preparation of the nails: removing the old styling, giving them the desired shape, as well as cleaning the plate of any impurities. For the aesthetics of the styling, it is also important to work out the cuticles.


How to use acrylic for nails? Additional information

Before applying acrylic, nails should be additionally degreased and matted - preferably with a file or a special matting block. This will increase the adhesion of the acrylic mass. You can apply acrylic to your nails prepared this way. Dip the brush into the ready mass, and remove the excess by wiping the edge of the bowl with the brush. Spread the acrylic evenly over the entire surface of the nail, avoiding contact with the cuticles.

You can further develop the mass by filing it with a file. Then you can polish the plate or paint it with a hybrid polish. That's all!

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