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How to Take Care of Hands in Winter?

How to Take Care of Hands in Winter?

Dry, chapped, red – this is how our hands often are during winter. We should take care of our hands all year round, however, they’re additionally exposed to adverse weather conditions in winter, such as low temperature and dry air. How to take care of hands in winter? What should we keep in mind?


Protective hand cream should regenerate, nourish and protect, whereas its ingredients should inhibit water loss from the outer layers of the epidermis. For hand care in this season, the best choice is Winter Protection cream, which due to vitamins A, E and F regenerates the epidermis, smooths and firms as well as protects against harmful weather conditions. Almond oil and Shea butter additionally moisturize and nourish, while lanolin lubricates the hands. The contained in the cream D-Panthenol minimizes the risk of skin irritation. Hands are prone to it because of low temperature and harmful weather conditions.

Also remember to wash your hands, using gentle soap with a pH close to your skin’s pH. Dry your hands thoroughly after washing, because water dries them out. When doing household chores, use rubber gloves to protect your hands against harmful effects of detergents.

It’s worth to use a hand scrub once a week to remove dead skin cells and make hands smooth. Use the one that contains hyaluronic acid or collagen, then your skin will be more hydrated and elastic. After the treatment, the skin is ready for the next care step, like balm, hand cream or serum application.

Moreover, take care of your hands and keep them warm by always wearing gloves when you go outside. If you’ll forget to do so, and your hands will feel frozen, remember not to warm them up rapidly, but soak them in hot water or put your hands on a warm radiator instead.

We can take care for our hands in many ways, not only by using proper cosmetics, but also by implementing healthy habits, such as washing dishes in rubber gloves, etc. We’ll be “in safe hands” and welcome spring after the winter with beautiful and well-cared skin of hands if we’ll keep a systematic daily care.

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