How to safely remove hybrid from nails?


Wondering what to remove hybrid mani with? Are you wondering if there is a homemade way to remove hybrid? Or maybe you have already and now have no idea why the hybrid does not come off? If so - you've come to the right place, because today we'll tell you about the hybrid removal methods you should avoid!


How to remove hybrid varnish?

The best way is to go to a specialist. After all, safe hybrid removal is the key. If you are used to applying hybrid at home, you can also try home hybrid removal. Here are some important tips on what NOT to do to remove hybrid nail polish from your nails.


Don't use a knife and bite! Don't undermine the coating with a sharp tool! 

When removing hybrids, you need to be especially careful. If you use a knife or bite your nails, you will hurt the nail plate, and together with the hybrid manicure, you will break off part of the dorsal layer of the nail.


Do not saw through the nail plate. Don't use strange tools, such as a foot grater, to file the hybrid!

If you use tools that are too sharp to remove the hybrid, you may file off part of the dorsal layer of the nail.


Nail polish remover is not suitable for removing hybrid nail polish.

Don't use regular nail polish remover. Its concentration of acetone is too low. It increases the time spent, can inaccurately "dissolve" the hybrid nail polish, which is crucial when removing the hybrid from the nail surface. Note that soaking the nail matrix in remover for a long time will dry it out a lot.


Do not soak your hybrid nails in warm water.

When removing hybrids at home, do not soak your nails in warm water. This will not help you get rid of your hybrid nails quickly. Although it seems that after soaking the hybrid comes off more easily when undermining the coating, it also "takes" part of the nail plate and weakens it a lot.


What to remove hybrids with?

To remove the hybrid, use a special soak-off liquid for hybrid removal. It contains oils and conditioning ingredients that will come in handy when removing hybrid at home.

If you are pulling off the hybrid mechanically, then you need to take care of the right tools. This is not where aluminum foil or other fancy stuff will come in handy. Decide on proven solutions, such as a nail file of 180/240gradation or a polishing block.

If, after all, your nails got damaged while pulling off hybrids at home, it's essential to take extra care of your nails. You can use nail oilto deeply moisturize and nourish them. This will prevent the occurrence of onychomycosis. Also invest in a comprehensive nail care product.