How to overbuild a nail using Builder Base?


Asia Karpuk, Grand Champion Greece 2021, answers.

Are you interested in nail overbuilding? Would you like to have a longer plate, but your natural nails are brittle, weakened? This article will prove to be the answer you are looking for!

The course of the procedure will be described by Silcare expert Asia Karpuk. She has won many prestigious awards and titles, such as the 41x International Nail Championship Grand Champion Greece 2021. Asia conducts training with the help of her own school - JOKA Nails Academy.

Before the main treatment, prepare everything you need. Make sure you have:

Now that we have everything on hand, we can move on to the superstructure.

Nail superstructure using Builder Base according to Asia Karpuk

  1. Prepare the nail for the procedure - file, matte and degrease it.
  2. Apply a rub on the nail - a thin layer of base. It is best to apply it with a gel brush.
  3. Make sure there is the right amount of product on the nail.

ASIA’S PRO TIP! When applied, the layer of nail polish should not form a smooth sheet. It is best for the procedure to see the unevenness of the matted plate on the nail. Remember that we are trying to preserve the natural structure of the nail.

  1. Cure the first layer under an LED lamp.
  2. Gently build up the plate with Builder Base. To do this, spread the base evenly over the entire nail plate.

In the case of a straight plate, add a drop at the height of one third of the natural plate (counting from the matrix) and turn the finger with the tip down - the inner side of the hand should be facing up.

In the case of a plate growing downward, an additional drop will not be needed. The anatomical structure of the nail will ensure its natural durability.

  1. Wait for the base to spread itself on the nail. This is all due to the perfect surface tension!
  2. Repeat for the rest of the nail.
  3. Cure the superstructure in a UV lamp for 60 seconds.
  • With the plate growing upward, I recommend working on two coats. Once cured, go back to step 4 and continue as directed.

ASIA’S PRO TIP! After the base is cured, wipe the nail with a dry cotton ball. This is, admittedly, not necessary, but it will ensure that the layers of nail polish applied will not wrinkle and irregularities will not appear on the surface.

  1. Cover all the over-layered nails with a top coat.
  2. Enjoy beautiful, healthy nails with a natural shape!