How to Make a Tan to Last Longer?


We are leaving for the desired vacation, we lie in the sun for hours, only to make our skin beautifully tanned. However, just as the vacation ends, so our tan fades. In this article we advise on what to do to keep the brown color on our skins for as long as possible.


Proper care

To make the tan last longer, it is better to give up on long and hot baths (they soften the epidermis and facilitate its removal, due to that the tan quickly disappears) and take short and cool showers instead. It is also worth to refrain from using a sauna, steam bath and jacuzzi hot tub. Moreover, after every bath you need to remember about applying a balm, cream or lotion to moisturize and oil the skin. In order to enhance the tan you can use a specifically designed for that purpose after-sun lotion. Products which contain avocado oil – nourishes the skin, simultaneously improves its tone – will be also helpful in this matter. You should not forget about moisturizing your skin from the inside, in other words, drinking at least two liters of water daily.


High in beta-carotene diet

Carrot, apricots, melons, pepper, spinach, lettuce and broccoli, these are just a few products that contain beta-carotene. Those who do not like these vegetables or fruits, can use an alternative, namely ready-made supplement in a form of tablets or capsules. Also be sure to eat products that are rich in fish oil which contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids. It is worth to enrich your diet with fish, sunflower and canola oil as well as olive oil. Products which contain vitamins A and E also contribute to a beautiful look of the skin. 


Natural self-tanners

An alternative for store-bought self-tanners can be bronzing products that are made of natural ingredients. They are prepared at home from such products like coffee, tea, cocoa and natural oil. They are supposed to be combined with powdered nutmeg and cinnamon, which enable to obtain a color depth.


Recipes for natural self-tanners:

  • Mix  glass of cocoa with  glass of body lotion until uniform creamy consistency.If the obtained tone does not satisfy you, add more cocoa.
  • Brew 4 bags of black tea in less than a glass of hot water for about 15 minutes. Cool, next pour into a bottle with an atomizer. After applying the liquid, wait until it will be completely absorbed, otherwise it will ruin your clothes.
  • Brew 5-6 teaspoons of coffee in 250 ml of boiling water. Drain and cool the infusion. Pour it into a bottle with an atomizer and spray your body with it every few days. You can also combine coffee infusion with your favorite body lotion, applying it as always.

Remember also about scrubbing. Contrary to popular opinion, the scrub does not rub off suntan, but in fact it enhances it and refreshes the skin tone. The end of summer and autumn is the perfect time to eat vegetables and drink fresh juices, especially those which contain beta-carotene. Additionally, spending time in the open air – stroll, bike ride or even sitting in the garden – is an ideal way to take an autumn sunbath, which will not change the color of your skin and will let you enjoy your summer tan for longer.