How Diet Affects Your Skin?


We, women,  love cosmetics. We pamper ourselves by buying fragrant balms, trying out new hand and foot products. We pay special attention to the face: we search for a perfect cream, we put great hopes in an expensive cosmetic serum, we believe that our complexion will finally become perfectly smooth thanks to an advertised scrub. Selecting the appropriate cosmetics is a grand success, but that does not end our battle for beautiful skin.


If, despite the exemplary care, our complexion’s condition is still unsatisfying, then we should take a look at our plates. Are we eating healthy enough? Do we provide our body with essential vitamins and minerals? Let’s change our eating habits, and after a certain time we will surely notice changes on our faces. Dry flacky skin, shallow wrinkles, ashen gray skin and even acne can be fought with a proper diet (nutritional therapy). Every single step, even the smallest one, will lead us closer to a radiant skin. There is no reason to turn our world upside down straightaway. We should gradually replace unfavorable products with those more valuable ones: pick stevia rebaudiana (candyleaf) and molasses (terackle) instead of sugar, mountain oat flakes in place of processed cereals, mineral water in lieu of Coca-Cola…


From an early age, we are being bombarded with information about how important it is for us to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. That is true, a handful of spinach daily delivers more than 200 percent of vitamin A, whereas one yellow pepper about 600 percent of vitamin C! Let us take advantage of what the nature provides us with and eat seasonal foods. It may seem that a healthy diet is expensive, yet that is not true. During vernal season, we should select spring vegetables, later on, strawberries, peaches, watermelons. In autumn, we should prepare pumpkin or apple dishes, while in winter, meals containing potatoes, celery, beetroots.


So what kind of products should we include in our nutritional therapy to become pleased with our reflection in the mirror? If we want to attain:

  • glowing skin – eat: peaches, molasses, dandelion greens;
  • smoothness – eat: sweet potatoes, apricots, romaine lettuce, butternut squash;
  • flexibility – eat: green beans, blackberries, cucumbers, plums;
  • moisturization – eat: cucumbers, almond milk, pistachio nuts;
  • cleansing – eat: chickpeas, pumpkin seeds, curly kale;
  • healthy skin – eat: carrots, sunflower seeds, walnuts;
  • wrinkle reduction – eat: blueberries, oranges, cinnamon.

With the inclusion of the products mentioned above, we will also have beautiful hair and healthy nails along with a great mental wellbeing as well as a superb overall state of health!


Sadly, the hard to resist, dangerous caprices await for us on every corner. Sometimes it is a real struggle to give up on Coca-Cola and be satisfied with only a glass of water instead. From time to time, we can allow ourselves some self-indulgence, nevertheless, we should not forget that:

  • sweet soda pops cause weight gain and wrinkles;
  • alcohol burdens the liver, washes nutrients out of the organism, has endocrine-disrupting properties;
  • sugar causes collagen dispersion (decomposition), contributes to acne development, accelerates skin aging;
  • fried food contains fats which are the main source of free radicals;
  • processed food is full of preservatives and ingredients, which we should avoid in our diet.


Of course the fact of constant munching on potato crisps and drinking sweet carbonated drinks or alcohol can be easily linked with a worsening condition of the skin. Low-fat cottage cheese, yogurts or milk will be rather further down on the list of potential foes – since they are healthy. Despite that the upper list needs to be updated with dairy products, which is intolerable by many organisms and can cause acne. If we struggle with skin problems, limiting dairy products to the minimum can become beneficial for us.


A brilliant, yet requiring a lot of determination, idea is to observe carefully the state of the complexion and to keep a record of our daily meals. Without cheating – information about every bite, every smallest handful of nourishment, should be meticulously noted down. It takes a lot of patience, though, the collected data will pay off. Thanks to that, after some time, we will notice the repetitive schemes and that way we can discover what kind of products are the reason for our bad skin condition, the reason which we normally would not take into consideration. We will also make sure what kind of food makes us feel and look amazing. Remember that a healthy diet can give better effects than an application of the most luxurious skin cream!