Discover Stylowe Zakupy Together With Silcare


Soon, from October 1 to 6, 2021, the biggest, annual discount campaign in Poland organized by Twój STYL (Your STYLE) and SHOW magazines will begin, in which Silcare brand will also participate. The readers of earlier mentioned publications were waiting an entire year for such treat as STYLOWE ZAKUPY 2021 (2021 STYLISH SHOPPING). After all, fall is the most colorful season of the year, and it is impossible not to kick it off with a style and a bit of shopping spree – especially since there’ll be as many product and service offers as beautiful, fallen leaves!

Discounts still in fashion

What should you do participate in this already legendary in entire Poland campaign? Just buy the October issue of Twój Styl or September release of SHOW, inside which you’ll find discount coupons to use in, for example, our retail stores. And if you prefer online shopping, there’s also an option like that – simply visit,pick a store that you’re interested in, download a discount code and let trendy purchasing…and saving take you over!

It pays off to be chic

Why is this discount campaign so popular? It is famous for its high percentage rebates on entire assortment of many known brands. No wonder our offer was also included! After all, ain’t exploring our brand’s idea that we want to share with you? So, get ready to discover a 20% discount on our entire product offer that will cover every Silcare retail store and our online store!