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Cistus – Magical Herb

Cistus – Magical Herb

Imagine, that by drinking tea, you became more beautiful, younger and healthier. Does it sound like a fairy tale? Not necessarily! You only need to brew yourself a rockrose tea and patiently wait for the effects.


Cistus is a garden plant which can be found primarily in West Asia and in the Mediterranean region. Its health and beauty benefits have been known for centuries, yet only recently – as the interest in natural health care increased – it became popular. Let drinking this herbal infusion become your habit; you will see that apart from a pleasant, slightly sour taste, it also has a revolutionary effect on your body!


Above all, thanks to rockrose tea, you will forget what cold and flu are. Of course a herb will not replace your medications if you will fall ill, yet using it as a prevention is a smart choice. Cistus will support your immunology system and you will enjoy having a greater immunity all year round. If you still have not tried this type of tea, it is worth to try it now, when a tick season starts: it is said that cistus fights Lyme disease. Of course, it has more advantages than that.


Five reasons why it is worth to drink rockrose tea regularly:

  1. Contains antioxidant substances and fights free radicals, which means that it has anti-aging properties! It delays the breaking down process of collagen, lowering the activity of collagenase. In short, by drinking cistus brew you will remain young and energetic for longer.
  2. Has antiviral, antifungal, antibacterial properties. Are you struggling with dandruff? Despite taking medications, acne is still stuck on your skin? Have you accepted the seasonal reactivation of herpes? Rockrose tea will eliminate all of the above problems. It is also worth to use it in a situation where you were affected by onychomycosis or dermatophtosis.
  3. Bleaches teeth and cares for oral hygiene. The herb dissolves the bio-membrane. Try to replace your mouthwash with a cistus brew; The effects will surprise you!
  4. Reduces unpleasant odor of sweat. There is a lot of methods to treat this problem, for example, rubbing baking soda or aloe gel into the skin of the arm pits. Drinking rockrose tea will also solve this embarrassing problem.
  5. Removes heavy metals from the body. We are all more or less contaminated with them. A visit at the sauna or a juice cleansing method are not the only techniques to detoxify the body, drinking cistus brew works as well.


How to make rockrose tea? All you have to do is to pour fresh, boiling water into a teacup filled with one spoon of herbs, and let the tea brew. After just a few minutes, you will be able to drink a delicious, healthy tea. You can prepare three teacups of rockrose tea with just one spoon of this herb. Yet the most important part is to drink cistus infusion regularly. You need to be patient. It is just like with drinking horsetail tea only for a day, this will not make you to wake up having luxuriant long hair, the same goes to drinking cistus brew, you just have to wait. I assure you that it is worth it – after all, it is a magical herb!

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