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Capping the free edge of the nail

Capping the free edge of the nail

You probably often wonder how to paint the free edge of your nail. Whether you're a beginner stylist or simply an enthusiast doing a hybrid manicure at home, it's worth focusing your attention on this question. Why does the hybrid lift from the free edge of the nail? An inconspicuous yet important part of nail styling is the proper protection of the nail. Covering the tip of the nail with gel polish will help extend the durability of the manicure.

What is the point of securing the free edge?

The free edge is the distal part of the nail that grows beyond the hyponychium. Thus, it is the part of the nail plate that does not rest on the nail bed. During performing nail stylization, it is good practice to cap the free edge. That name, although it’s colloquial, has come to refer to this particular part.

How to cap the free edge?

You may come across the opinion that there is no need to cap the edge of the nail tip, and indeed, you don't need to do so. However, this step can be very helpful when dealing with more delicate or flexible nails. The applied product is less likely to peel off from the sealed free edge, so you may enjoy nice nails for longer. Contrary to appearances, it is not complicated, just remember to seal the edge with every layer you apply on your nails – whether it is a base coat, color gel polish or top coat. Precision is also needed here, so that you don't get a bump at the end of the nail after applying the product.

How to cap the free edge?

Drag a small amount of product over the edge of the free edge, taking care not to leave any bulk at the end of the nail. However, if you do make this mistake, then use a thin nail art brush to move the excess product to the centre of the nail. If you don't notice the bump and you cure it, simply file off the excess from the top without touching the edge before applying the color. Use the color to seal the free edge and repeat it with the top coat. Each time, make sure you don't leave any bump at the end of the tip.

If such protection proves ineffective in your case and the product separates from the nail, place a nail form under the nail properly and extend the nail plate slightly by about 1-1,5 mm before applying the first coat. This action should solve the problem. Personally, I recommend using gel as it is less flexible than gel polish and should cope better with the tension during use.



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Beata Śliwińska,

Silcare Brand Instructor,

Winner of the Championship at the KingdomBeautyCrown Nail Championship in London

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