OUTLET Decorative tape

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Adhesive tape is a convenient and unique way of decorating nails. They give a lot of possibilities, thanks to which you can create unique designs. Tapes can be perfectly combined with different colors of gels, varnishes and other ornaments. They are very simple to use.

HOW TO USE: stick the tape on the penultimate layer of gel or acrylic. Cut to the desired length. The next step is to secure it with a shining gel or nail polish Top Coat. The ends of the foil can be protected by imposing on them a drop of glue and nail decorations.

To ensure durability and high quality of workmanship you have to remember not to apply tape on the skin and on the tip of the nail. Self-adhesive tape is perfectly suited to the natural nail gel, acrylic and hybrids. Available in 13 colors: white, brown, black, red, purple, blue, pink, silver, gold, purple with glitter, pink with glitter, silver with glitter, gold with glitter.

LENGTH: 19 m

WIDTH: 1 mm