Eyelashes RSN10 12 x 10 mm

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What can you do to make your eyes look magical and attract the attention of the environment by its uniqueness ? Use a complete novelty on the market - high quality false eyelashes made of mink, which will provide a unique look the the rimm of your eyes.

The are beautifully lengthen and thicken your natural eyelashes, creating a mesmerizing effect. They are characterized by uneven sloping edge, which guarantees a natural look. Eyelashes can be used repeatedly, if necessary, clean them with alcohol.


  • Length 10 mm
  • Black
  • Practical packaging
  • Includes 12 strips of eyelashes
  • Can be used repeatedly

HOW TO USE: eyelashes without the glue attach to the natural line of your eyelashes and make sure that both the inner and outer corner of the of eyelashes ends where our natural lash. If it is too long, shorten it by cutting the outer corner of the lashes. If we cut off the inner part, they may not look very natural, because they are usually designed so that the inside lashes are shorter, and outside longer. Then, soak the tip of of eyelashes in a droplet of glue and apply to the natural lashes. Make-up should be performed before applying false eyelashes.

COLOR: black

SET COMPOSITION: Included is a 12 strips or 6 pairs of eyelashes